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Have you noticed that exfoliating your skin before self-tanning gives you a fantastic result? We all know applying a self-Tanner or getting a spray tan is the most effective and foolproof way to achieve that radiant, flawless sun-kissed glow. But do you know that exfoliating your skin before tanning will give you smooth and glowing skin?

When you exfoliate your skin before self-tan, the outlook and quality of the applied tan are improved. Proper exfoliation creates a perfect surface for the tan to blend in evenly.

As a matter of fact, using a self-tanner or getting a spray tan without exfoliating is one of the inexcusable beauty blunders you can make.


Best Exfoliators and Scrubs for Self-Tanning in 2021

What is Exfoliation and Why Exfoliate before Getting a Tan

Exfoliation is removing dead or unwanted skin cells from the surface of the skin to enhance cell turnover.

Our skin sheds off dead and unwanted cells every day to reveal the new ones that are developing. This is to prevent harmful toxins from finding their way into our body system.

However, the skin is unable to remove all the shed dead skin altogether. This results in clogged pores, which sometimes causes acne, dry patches, impurities, duller complexion, fine lines, flaky skin. It also leads to a less effective result when you apply a self-tanner.

You need exfoliators and scrubs to avoid all these. Exfoliation enables the proper circulation of blood to the skin. Also, it makes it easy to absorb tanners, moisturizers, and other skincare products. It makes the skin smoother, fresher, and softer.

This is why exfoliation is essential, because it makes the skin healthier.

Suppose you don’t exfoliate your skin before getting a self-tan. In that case, the self-tanning solution won’t blend in. It will stick to the rough patches instead. This will hinder the effectiveness and amount to a waste of time.

The smoother your skin is before applying tan, the more perfect and long-lasting your result will be.

When you exfoliate, you are prepping your skin for the tan by keeping it as fresh as possible to get the best results.

Undergoing a pre-tan exfoliation is vital for anyone who wants to achieve that flawless, sun-kissed glow.

Self-tanner decreases the appearance of blemishes, acne scars, hypopigmentation, and all other sorts of skin issues when applied in the right manner. It gives you that flawless radiance and vibrant young look, thereby boosting your confidence.

How do You Identify Good exfoliators and scrubs?

Good pre-tan exfoliators and scrubs should contain essential oils and natural products. It should also moisturize and be free from any chemical preservatives or emulsifying wax such as paraben.

There are many pre-tan exfoliators and scrubs out there, and searching for the best for you can be very tiring.

It’s a good thing you stumbled upon this because I have carefully perused and researched top e-commerce sites and first-hand reviews from users. This is before finally selecting the best exfoliators and scrubs for self-tanning that are effective and worth your money.

Best Exfoliators and Scrubs for Self-Tanning in 2021

Brooklyn Botany Arabica Coffee Scrub


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Do you have dull and dry skin? And nothing seems to work for you? Try this scrub and watch your skin transform into a moisturized and radiant skin. It’s great for other skin types too.

This is a mild exfoliating scrub infused with a perfume-like fragrance. It is notable for its heavenly scent. It moisturizes the skin, makes it smooth and firm, thereby transforming rough skin into glowing skin.

Its composition also comprises salt, so it might be irritable or not comfortable for sensitive skin.

The body scrub is formulated with sweet almond oil, sea salt, peach sees powder, Shea butter.

It is a great exfoliating scrub. It gives your skin the needed prep for a long-lasting and sun-kissed self-tan.

M3 Natural All Natural Charcoal Face and Body Scrub

This is an outstanding pre-tan scrub for those with oily or combination skin. It is also great for dry skin, but its effects are more visible for oily skin.

It is a combination of Activated charcoal, Dead sea salt, Collagen, fruit stem cell, coconut oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and Spinach.

These are natural and potent ingredients known for their super effectiveness on the skin.

Dead Sea Salt is rich in skin-loving minerals that extract harmful toxins from the skin. Collagen rejuvenates the skin, and activated charcoal traps chemicals and prevents their absorption in the body. The fruit stem cell is high in antioxidants and promotes cell reproduction.

This scrub will keep your skin radiant, moisturized, healthy, and nourished. It works together with the body to fight off harmful pollutants, detoxify your skin, and eliminates irritation.

It will also help balance your skin’s complexion and reduce pores’ look by absorbing dirt and oil on the skin.

This fantastic scrub totally cleanses and smoothens the skin in one use. It exfoliates without leaving your skin dry while giving you that full glow and a refreshing feeling.

Your skin will worship you after using this scrub as it promises to leave your skin soft and prepped for self-tanner.

Wholesome Beauty’s Dry Skin Brush

Here is a classic and highly effective exfoliation you can adapt with no stress.

How would it feel exfoliating in traffic, while waiting for your meal, or just as a way to keep busy without any hassle whatsoever? Just amazing! Wholesome Beauty’s Dry Skin Brush is what you need.

If you are a very busy person, this is for you. You don’t have to go through the stress of pouring water on your skin before you exfoliate. With this brush, you can exfoliate your skin anywhere you find yourself.

It is great for all skin types. It gives you smooth and healthy skin and helps increase blood circulation. This, in turn, brightens your dull skin and opens up your skin pores.

This brush has a firm bristle that is neither soft nor hard and gives your skin the aspired exfoliation. It will vigorously extract waste materials and harmful substances from your body and keep your hormonal level at its peak.

When you use it as a pre-tan exfoliator, it helps smooth your skin and opens up the pores to blend in the tanning solution for a perfect result.

It’s easy to use, invigorates the body, and does a cool job in prepping your skin for self-tanning.


Suppose you want to achieve that natural, spotless, and dark kissed glow that will last long. In that case, it’s essential to prepare your skin by shaving and exfoliating correctly. How well you exfoliate your skin will determine how perfect your tan will turn out.

Learning how to exfoliate and exfoliating products to go for is the best way to ensure you achieve the desired result.

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Not only will exfoliation help you shed dead skin cells, but it will also set forth a new and clean surface for the tan to stick on and blend in.

Do you want to get that bronzed look you have always admired in no time? Then scrub the dead cells away before self-tanning!