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We"ve all knowledgeable it: The brief pang of regret after cutting our hair; mourning for every one of the hairlayouts intended for lengthy hair that we were "just about to try" and also will miss out on till it grows back.

Luckily, there"s a simple solution out tright here for anyone who feels like their hair simply does not have actually the length or volume they crave (and that flourishing it out takes too long): extensions.

But via so many kind of choices out there, it"s so difficult to recognize which to pick. “As a colorist, I prefer clip-ins the best,” Stephanie Brvery own, grasp colorist at the Eddie Arthur Salon in New York City, previously told soimg.org Layout. “It’s less complicated for me to shade hair, and additionally bereason you deserve to put them in and also take them out whenever before you desire. They are a (commitment-free) method to add size and fullness or body to your hair.”

Stephanie"s the majority of crucial guideline is to pick a set via shade and also texture that is the majority of similar to your own hair. “It isn’t basic dyeing extensions and also it isn’t cheap ... I charge the very same amount as I execute as soon as I color someone’s hair," Brvery own sassist.

When it concerns price, an excellent collection is worth the investment.

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"(Cheaper options) have the right to look bulky and also reason injury to your natural hair since the clips or tapes are poorly made," Brown included. "If you take appropriate care of your extensions, they will not must be reinserted so easily. Even if you dye your hair, just bring them with you to the salon and ask your colorist to match them."

We asked various other celebrity hairstylists what their favorite clip-in hair extensions are and they shared which ones they recommend to their own clients.

The ideal clip-in hair extensions

1. Vario Clip-In Human being Hair Extensions


"I initially bought these because they were an "Amazon’s Choice" item, plus their reviews — although there are not many type of — were almost all five stars," shelp celebrity stylist Gregg Giannillo, who functions through clients like Vanessa Williams. "Once I supplied them, I kbrand-new why! They are soft, thick, extremely excellent quality and incredibly well made. They curl beautifully, they color beautitotally and they come in so many kind of arrays that you can uncover a perfect match. They are truly the following best point to custom-made at a fraction of the price."