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I tow frequently with my rig until i acquire my brand-new third gen, then this one will be a toy. My question is, what brakes have actually you run and also had actually the best luck with? avoiding power and also pad life? Ive run a variaty of pads and also im not impressed through them really. NAPA Safety stop: cheep enough, ok protecting against, ok/quick pad wearNAPA Ultra Premium: expensive, good protecting against, ?? simply installedDuralast Gold: Cheep enough, negative preventing, Junk rapid pads wearI hear good things about NAPA"s Adaptive One brake pad line. any kind of other suggestions would certainly be nice

KATOOOOM!!!!If you"re towing that a lot man, install an exhaust brake and also store whatever before pads you want for 60-100k miles.
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Hawks provides a great pad, I think its the ones in the green box, made for towing, Im making use of them currently, gained them from autoanything, from what I deserve to remember, was a pair of years ago as soon as I put them on, I tow a fair amount and they are holding up pretty good,
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DJ, I hit 3rd equipment and was prefer BRRAAAAAP!! lol yeah an exhaust brake would be nice it"s simply the cash concern, via racing it eats up my time and also $$$. Fifty, I"ll try them out my following time roughly. Thanks for the pointer.

I run nothin yet the OEM pads and have actually great luck. I typically order virtual from Wholesale Mopar. I deserve to execute the entire truck for 200. I normally get 60000 out of the front pads. Al
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OEM pads are the way to go, not the V-Line those suck. I nor my buddies have actually hand also ZERO worries withe the OEM pads and paired via some performance rotors your great to go. I bought my vented/slotted rotors from Rotors Brakes Brake Rotors Drilled Slotted Brake Pads and also bought the pads at my work-related.
2003 Dodge Ram 2500 Silver Laramie 4x4
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I find that the EBC greenstuffs have actually even more avoiding power and also are less prone to squeaking than the stockers.
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More protecting against power yes, at risk to squeaking NO. The OEM pads are understand for being incredibly quiet pads. I to was debating between EBC greenstuffs and also OEM but after doing alot of research found the OEMS are the quietest pads out tright here.
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98000 miles on OEM and also still have actually 1/2 the pad left. I carry out drive a 6sp though and also downtransition a lot. Sent from my Desire HD utilizing Tapatalk
Well that"s not the same suffer through oem that I gained... I obtained about 45k out of mine peak, that"s through the last 30k miles being the loudest breaks on the road and my new wheels via about 15k on them are brvery own from the dust, in my endure the oem break pads on my 2013 ram 2500 with an exhaust break are absolute garbage and also I would mever before.. ever..everrrrrrrrrr buy them againSent from my SM-G955U utilizing Tapatalk
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IMHO, the ones that came on your third gen truck from the factory offer EXACTLY what you are in search of. They are the Mopar PREMIUM line brake pads... not the "Value" line that many dealerships lug at the parts counter and try to market you.OEM part #"s for the premium pads that came on your truck from the factory--05093267AA full set--FRONT Disc Brake Pads05093257AA full set-- REAR Disc Brake Pads
Aren"t you the premium oems just a mopar relabeled Bosch fairly cast or something?I swear I remember seeing/analysis that at one point?...

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Aren"t you the premium oems simply a mopar relabeled Bosch fairly actors or something?I swear I remember seeing/analysis that at one point?...
Well I guess that is possible, but I have actually NEVER heard that prior to. I am only going off my straight endure on my 2005 2500 4x4. I gained slightly over 100k trouble totally free miles through wonderful stopping power, even towing 10k, and minimal dusting and zero noise from the oem pads, driving the curves and also hills and also crappy roads that I call house. When it was time to rearea the original pads, I might not at all argue through the service and also performance that I acquired from them, so I sindicate bought and also installed an additional set of the Mopar premium pads through the component #"s that I listed previously. I didn"t also should rotate the rotors ( though I did mic them to make sure) and also they still had actually over fifty percent their "meat" left. Cleaned everything up, "greased" the calipers, and been driving for an additional 20k considering that the brake job, also with ZERO concerns.Of course in a winter atmosphere you might likewise have to rearea the calipers and/or rotors as the dam chlorides they use on the roads are REALLY harsh on them!!!Just my .02 based on my personal experiences, though anecdotally others have additionally gotten really great performance and also mileage from their oem premium pads, at least on third gen trucks...amybe they adjusted something on later models??!!