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Some civilization think that Halloween is my favorite holiday, but they are dead wrong. Halloween is my SECOND favorite holiday. My initially is Thanksproviding. OMG. I LOVE Thanksoffering. You get to eat all of the very same delicious food you’d eat at Christmas & you don’t even need to buy anyone a current.

All jokes aside, Thanksgiving is awesome bereason it is all about being grateful, which I am a substantial proponent of. It is around appreciating the vital things in life, prefer spending top quality time with family members & friends. Plus, it is in the fall & that is my favorite season. And, did I point out you gain to eat delicious food?! Oh yea, I did.

So, the huge question every year, at least for me, is what am I going to wear on Thanksgiving? Nowadays, Thanksproviding is pretty casual compared to Thanksgivings of yore. However, one thing I learned from my Dad, that always looked sharp, is that –

I think the holidays offers us all a nice excusage to take “casual” up a notch. And they are also a good opportunity to acquire a lil’ daring & attempt some new trends that you were as well self-conscious to attempt at occupational, for circumstances.

Here are three looks that I’m toying via for my Thanksproviding outfit this year. I’m having a hard time deciding on one though! Maybe I have the right to perform an outfit adjust midway via Thanksoffering dinner? People carry out it at weddings, why not on Thanksgiving?!

1. H&M, Satin Blouse, $19.952. Chloe & Isabel, Sunset on the Seine Statement Earrings, $583. The Limited, 917 Dark Skinny Jeans, $74.904. Chloe & Isabel, Suncollection on the Seine Cluster Ring, $485. Target, Taracquire Limited Edition Stripe Clutch – Black, $24.996. H&M, Boots, $39.95

1. H&M, Stretch Shirt, $19.952. The Limited, Polka Dot Sweater, $59.953. Chloe & Isabel, Deco Crystal Cluster Drama Necklace, $1384. The Limited, 917 Dark Skinny Jeans, $74.905. Chloe & Isabel, Deco Bow Leather Double Wrist Wrap, $586. Targain, Tarobtain Limited Edition Clutch through Removable Strap – Black, $24.997. H&M, Boots, $39.95

So, what execute you men think? Which outfit do you prefer the best? And what are YOU planning on wearing this Thanksgiving?

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