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Born:March 12, 1922LowellMassachusetts...(Show more)Died:October 21, 1969 (aged 47)Saint PetersburgFlorida...(Show more)Notable Works:“Belief and Technique for Modern Prose”“Desolation Angels”“Doctor Sax”“Jack Kerouac: Collected Poems”“Maggie Cassidy”“Mexico City Blues”“On the Road”“Scattered Poems”“The Dharma Bums”“The Subterraneans”“The Tvery own & the City”“Tristessa”“Vanity of Duluoz”“Visions of Cody”...(Show more)Movement / Style:Beat activity...(Sjust how more)

Jack Kerouac, original name Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac, (born March 12, 1922, Lowell, Massachusetts, U.S.—died October 21, 1969, St. Petersburg, Florida), Amerihave the right to novelist, poet, and also leader of the Beat movement whose a lot of well known book, On the Road (1957), had actually broad cultural influence before it was known for its literary merits. On the Road caught the soul of its time as no other work-related of the 20th century had considering that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (1925).

Childhood and also beforehand influences

Lowell, Massachusetts, a mill tvery own, had actually a big French Canadian population. While Kerouac’s mom functioned in a shoe factory and his father worked as a printer, Kerouac attfinished a French Canadian institution in the morning and also ongoing his research studies in English in the afternoon. He spoke joual, a Canadian dialect of French, and also so, though he was an Amerideserve to, he regarded his nation as if he were a foreigner. Kerouac ultimately saw the Horace Mann School, a preparatory institution in New York City, on a gridiron footsphere scholarship. Tbelow he met Henri Cru, who assisted Kerouac uncover work as a vendor seaman, and also Seymour Wyse, that introduced Kerouac to jazz.


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In 1940 Kerouac enrolled at Columbia University, where he met 2 authors who would certainly become lifelengthy friends: Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs. With Each Other via Kerouac, they are the seminal numbers of the literary motion known as Beat, a term introduced to Kerouac by Herbert Huncke, a Times Square junkie, petty thief, hustler, and also writer. It expected “down-and-out” and “beatific” and also therefore signified the bottom of presence (from a financial and also an emotional point of view) and the greatest, most spiritual high.

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Kerouac’s childhood and early adulthood were noted by loss: his brvarious other Gerard died in 1926, at age nine. Kerouac’s boyhood frifinish Sebastian Sampas passed away in 1944 and his father, Leo, in 1946. In a deathbed promise to Leo, Kerouac pledged to treatment for his mommy, Gabrielle, affectionately well-known as Memere. Kerouac was married 3 times: to Edie Parker (1944); to Joan Haverty (1951), via whom he had actually a daughter, Jan Michelle; and to Stella Sampas (1966), the sister of Sebastian, who had died at Anzio, Italy, throughout World War II.