Danielle started saying it on the podactors and also I’ve been trying to puzzle out if it means anything but haven’t obtained all over. Is tright here an beginning I missed?

My finest guess is that “be good” means favor, be nice, be good to people, and that “be great at it” means be excellent at… somepoint. But ideally you would desire both. Esp the first one. So that appears wrong.

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Anymethod, please help. My family members is dying.

I thought about it a small, and also I think it’s similar to saying “don’t break the regulation, or don’t get caught” however not fairly the same? like it’s much more inspirational somehow

Be good, or if you’re not gonna be excellent, at least carry out the poor point well to make it worth it. Or that’s what I reckon.

I think it’s Danielle’s continual sign off on her other podcast Idle Weekfinish yet I’ve just newly started listening so I don’t understand if there’s some deeper origin~ tright here somewhere

UPDATE: breaking news

BooDoo (BooDooPerson)
I think it’s Danielle’s regular sign off on her other podactors Idle Weekend yet I’ve just newly began listening so I don’t know if there’s some deeper origin~ there somewhere

Nah, it’s a Waysuggest Radio thing. It started in episode 54 (Are you a bird truther?) and ended up being a “thing” starting from episode 56. Interestingly, in older episodes where Austin is away, Danielle tries out a few various other signoff messperiods (to stop using Austin’s characteristic “peace”) founding through episode 40’s “I can’t finish through ‘peace’ so I’m going to finish with… don’t hate.” and also proceeding via episode 51’s “I’m going to end not on ‘peace’ yet on… have actually a great day.”

I agree that it’s “be well-behaved or be so professional at mischief that you don’t acquire in trouble and show up well-behaved”. I choose it a lot.

I constantly understood it as “be nice or if you’re going to be an asshole at leastern be really excellent at the game”.

I have actually some worries with this phrase. To me it says that being “good” (nice, considerate, caring polite etc) is completely optional if you’re “great at it” (Talented, successful, renowned, desirable etc)

This concept seems very much at odds through soimg.orgs wider ideology and also I’m not fairly sure why Danielle gravitated towards it various other than it sounds vaguely catchy and a cute rotate of phrase.

I’d a lot fairly “Be great and also be excellent at it” as it’s encouraging every one of us to be a decent humale being as well as striving to boost what we do.

Whilst really minor, it’s been bugging me for a while as I think being excellent at something doesn’t offer one permission to be a jerk.


I’d much rather “Be great and also be excellent at it” as it’s encouraging every one of us to be a decent humale being as well as striving to enhance what we execute.

No, that’s demanding us to be excellent and also be excellent at something. A few of us simply suck and a woguy who is great at both conserving stays and also perhaps finishing them telling us not to isn’t going to make it better.

It’s much more respectful to tell human being to be great or be the ideal at being poor. You carry out you assorted cat burglars listening to the Wayallude podcast as you stakeout the guard alters at an art museum.

Like eextremely inspiring point that I hear, I associate it through virtue principles. We should endlessly strive to be good however, likewise, to work at being excellent, not to take it for granted. Being an excellent perchild isn’t a mask that have the right to be worn, yet a process of endlessly working in the direction of being Good.

I’m sorry, I have actually an extremely loose understand of philosophy and it all transforms right into self-aid books in my hands.

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I never before really believed about it however if I had actually to analyze it I would say it’s comparable to fake it til you make it in that if you strive to be great you will ultimately be great at it.