In the movie when Lex invites senator Finch to his private office, he points to an old oil painting depicting angels fighting with demons.

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Lex says then that the painting should be upside down, since demons will come from the sky.

At the end of the movie we can see the painting again but

upside down, just as Lex wanted it to be, which (I guess) supposed to suggest incoming Darkseid.

Is this a painting created for the movie only or is it a real one?


Created by the film"s art director from historical sources (according to a Reddit user who contacted him)I"ve actually been searching for several days now for the name and/or origins of this painting, seen below:


I"ve turned up nothing, although there are various historical paintings in a similar style with a similar theme.

I did find the following, though: a Reddit user claims to have contacted the film"s art director about the painting.

Chrysalis700: I asked the art director of the movie and he sent me the following: It was created from various historic inspirations, then turned upside down.

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I assume the user is referring to the supervising art director, Troy Sizemore.

If I had to pinpoint one of the primary influences, I would lean to Gustave Dore"s "The Fall of the Rebel Angels" (1866):


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I couldn"t find the image shown but I found this painting which matched the title given.

The Fall of the Rebel Angels by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

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