How carry out corporations raise money and also sources to expand? Check all that apply.a. They research a bank loan.b. They save business revenues.c. They cash in dividends.d. They agree to offer stocks.e. They issue bonds.

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A disadvantage of forming a partnership is that ownersa. can find it tougher to start and also speak a service.b. have the right to find it even more difficult to acquire a bank loan.c. are just responsible for their own finances.d. are totally responsible for their partners" losses.
Which are examples of single proprietorships? Check all that apply.a. lawyers working for a corporationb. doctors in a partnershipc. independent workersd. franchise restaurants in a partnershipe. tax preparer working his very own businessf. freelance writers
Which can be thought about disbenefits of single proprietorships and also partnerships?a. Partnerships require many type of world to compose a charter, while sole proprietorships require one perchild to compose a charter.b. Sole proprietorships require one perkid to know facility tax legislations, while partnerships call for many type of world to recognize the rules.c. Partnerships require one perchild to perform many type of things, while sole proprietorships require many world to weigh in on decisions.d. Sole proprietorships call for one person to execute many type of points, while partnerships require many kind of people to weigh in on decisions.
d. Sole proprietorships require one perkid to carry out many kind of things, while partnerships need many kind of civilization to weigh in on decisions.
The the majority of common business institutions in the United States area. partnerships.b. single proprietorships.c. corporations.d. franchises.
Entrepreneurs that desire to open up a franchisea. buys the civil liberties from the parent agency and also creates his or her very own rules.b. buy the civil liberties from the parent firm and also invest in a location apverified by the parent company.c. invest in a place and also develop a organization version for the franchise.d. invest in a place and construct a trademark for the franchise.
Which best defines the difference between preferred and widespread stocks?a. Preferred stock allows shareholders to vote for a board of directors, while shareholders of prevalent stock carry out not have actually voting rights.b. Common stock provides shareholders one vote per share owned, while shareholders of wanted stock perform not have voting legal rights.c. Preferred stock gives shareholders priority for dividends distributed, while shareholders of common stock are not enabled dividends.d. Typical stock allows shareholders to gain priority for dividends dispersed, while shareholders of wanted stock are not enabled dividends.
b. Typical stock gives shareholders one vote per share owned, while shareholders of preferred stock execute not have actually voting legal rights.
Franchises are attractive to service owners becausea. they have a proven service version.b. they are generally inexpensive to buy. c. they acquire to keep all profits.d. they come through incredibly little bit risk.

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Which record determines the variety of shares a agency deserve to sell?a. a stock prospectusb. an annual bill of rightsc. a corporate charterd. an yearly report
Franchising is typically done bya. cooperatives.b. partnerships.c. sole proprietors.d. corporations.
What duty does a fast-food corporation play once it agrees to franchise its business? Check all that use.a. supply trainingb. license a trademarkc. choose a locationd. pay linked feese. supply advertisingf. collect many profits