Be like our very friendly-looking statue guy here

Happy 2021 everyone. First off, if you haven’t heard of Eric Thomas — ET the hip-hop preacher — you should go check his stuff out on YouTube. I used to listen to him every morning on my way to work, during my short stint as a fence installer. Let me tell you, digging holes for fence posts gets old pretty quick. Especially because of the FU%!ING rocks. Suffice it to say, I didn’t last very long there. But I do look back fondly on the commute ’cause of my boy ET.

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I thought the image above of our statue guy was pretty fitting given the topic of today’s post. Sometimes you gotta be statuesque. Unfeeling. Much like our statue dude. And I’m not saying you should go out and be an assh*le and treat people like sh*t. That’s a double nay.

The feelings I am suggesting you ignore are the ones that aren’t looking out for you, yet incessantly whisper oh-so-sweet temptations in your ear. The ones that speak the language of convenience. And guess what? Those voices in your head are fluent in the language of convenience.

I’m talking about those times when deviating from your schedule would be so easy to give into. When that voice in your head says “C’mon. It’s just for today. You can afford to take today off.” Maybe you don’t feel like working out that day and that sinister little voice says “You deserve a rest day. Today was a big day, you’re tired. It's no big deal.”

Bigtime. Double. Nay.

Because although you care about your feelings very much in the moment, your goals in the future do not. They don’t care if you’re tired and don’t feel like eking out a couple of push-ups. Or a blog post. Or reading 10 pages.

Let me repeat: Don’t speak the language of convenience. Speak the language of your goals. They are black and white. Result-based. Much like our statue guy here, they are unfeeling. Bait the hook to suit the fish here, peeps. Your goals don’t care how you feel. All they care about is the time you’ve spent working towards them. If you want to reach them, hold yourself accountable for adhering to the path that leads to those goals.

“At the end of your feelings is nothing. But at the end of every principle is a promise.”

ET’s words are finally taking root in my mind. Adherence to my principles cultivated the seed that was planted by his words on my way to that god awful fencing job (did I mentioned rocks suck?).

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So stay committed to your principles, peeps. In forging them, you made a promise to yourself. Don’t give in to the feelings of temptation that seek to break that promise. They are nothing and should be treated as such.