Arthur tells us that’d it’d be cool to look right into someone’s mind. Not the brain component, however the metaphorical mind. Arthur goes into Ratburn’s brain first, which shows his mind is a huge neverending homework machine. I contact bullshit on this, Arthur. I know you’re eight and also Ratburn is your teacher however we know Ratburn likes puppetry, Spooky Poo, and cake. Wright here the hell was that cake? Don’t tell me Ratburn wouldn’t have a area dedicated to cake in tright here.

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Arthur finds himself component of the homejob-related machine and preoften tends not to notice once Ratburn announces that weekend everyone will certainly need to create an essay on Arthur. MLA format and all sources cited, please.

Arthur decides to take a peek right into George’s head and also is amazed at exactly how George’s mind is filled via images and also videos. But when George reads a word, his mind goes right into meltdown mode.“But it’s simply an easy word!” cries Arthur.“What’s the substantial deal?”


In course, George daydesires about hanging out with the crows in the sky (I guess that’s where the episode title comes from) and also doesn’t pay attention to Ratburn. Ratburn tries to store him after class to talk around George’s absence of attention however George is saved by the bell and also sprints off.

The homework for the night is to review on Leonardo da Vinci. While George is interested in da Vinci’s sketches, he can’t remain focused on the reading–let alone actually review it. I noticed that when George reads aloud from the book, he reflects just how his dyslexic mind sees the word. For example, he pronounces da Vinci’s name as“Lo-nar-bo be Vinky”, indicating that George’s dyslexia reverses Ds and also Bs.


George’s dyslexia rears its head as soon as more once he can’t review the trithrough concerns from the game“No Guessing” appropriately. George is embarrassed when Francine asks if he deserve to review and also runs ameans. He turns to the dark side for aid in this troubling time: Wally the dummy.


Wally tells George he can’t be the course clown again because everyone hates Wally (with excellent reason tbh) so he tells George to be tough like Binky. Binky isn’t smart yet he’s still respected.

George takes tough male lessons from Binky and also reinvents himself as“Hammer”, finish through funky 70s disco music and wood blocks to increase his elevation. However the plan stops working because George is also nice.

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Thanktotally, Ratburn realizes George can have actually dyslexia after he reads George’s short story. He recommends George get tested and tells George that he isn’t alone–loads of great human being have dyslexia, including Principal Haney. With their aid, George gets extra tutoring and also is still able to make a good report on da Vinci for class! George made a flying machine based upon da Vinci’s deindications and tells the class about da Vinci’s inventions. For his efforts, George gets an A! Not negative for a boy through his head in the clouds.

Grade: B-(I was disappointed this episode didn’t offer even more explanations around dyslexia or support choices. Pacing was additionally incredibly ruburned. It did have a great plot on its own although the part wbelow Binky tries to teach George to be tough might have actually been reduced in favor of a far better explanation of dyslexia. Although, seeing George walk dvery own the street to a Shaq-esque 70s funk song was entertaining.)