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Your favorite starfish has all set an inexplicable test for you in the Are You Smarter Than Patrick Star game. If you are the sort of person that never before liked exams at college, don't worry! This one has just inquiries for the connaisseurs of the Bikini Bottom customizeds.

You need to check out the test concerns and pick the correct answer for each. But watch out, they are nopoint close to the test you are supplied to taking at school! To answer them correctly, you must put yourself into a starfish's shoes.

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Think Like a Starfish!

We all recognize that Patrick is not the brightest star in the sea. So don't act also surprised once you see what the test he developed looks prefer. More frequently than not, his concerns will certainly seem extremely unusual. The ideal strategy for gaining the best answers would certainly be to think about points we would certainly say.

To play this game, you will just require your computer mouse to pick among the options you are provided. After you check out the needs, click on a solution, and see whether it was the correct one. Don't concern if you don't obtain it from the extremely initially time. You have three strikes in case you obtain it wrong!

You need to aim to obtain as many correct answers as you can. At the finish of this quiz, you will even acquire a grade! See how well you recognize Patrick Star, and also discover out if you truly are a connoisseur. Strive to remember the answers you gained wrong so that the next time you'll acquire them all right!

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