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You deserve to hear this line at 01:27:00 in the Blu-ray variation of the movie.

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- I recognize that. I recognize that. But it"s 25000 dollars, Forrest.

- I thought probably you might organize it for a while, watch if it grows on you.

- That Mama, she certain was ideal. It"s funny exactly how points occupational out.

- I didn"t remain residence for lengthy, because I"d made a promise to Bubba, and also I constantly try to store my promise.

- So, I went on dvery own to Bayou La Batre to meet Bubba"s family members and also make their introduction.

- Are you crazy, or simply simple stupid?

- Stupid is as stupid does, Mrs. Blue. -I guess.

- And, of course, I passist my respect to Bubba himself.

- Hey, Bubba, it"s me, Forrest Gump.

- I remember every little thing you shelp, and I obtained it all determined.

- I"m taking the 24562 dollars and 47 cents that I gained... Or, that"s left after a new hair cut and also a brand-new suit, and I took Mama out to a real elaborate dinner, and also I bought a bus ticket and 3 Dr. Peppers.


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Some years later on, that nice young guy from England also was on his method home to see his little boy and was signing some autographs, and also for no certain reason at all, somebody swarm him.
That"s all I need to say around that.
Now, you wouldn"t think it if I told you, however I can run like the wind blows.
They also had a priest come and also talk to me. He sassist God is listening, but I need to aid myself.
Forrest Gump (1994) Sound Clip


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Actors: Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump), Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan Taylor), Robin Wappropriate (Jenny Curran)

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