Where are you appropriate now? It’s exceptionally probable that you are sitting at house. But, in which room?

And, can you name it in Spanish?

Our home is probably the location wbelow we spfinish a lot of of our time, even if most of this time is invested resting. So it is a great concept to learn the Spanish terms for the spaces we are many acquainted through.

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This week, we are finding out exactly how to name rooms and components of the home in Spanish.

I’ve put together 2 lists.

The initially one has rooms and components of the house:


ascensor (m)elevator
aseo (m) / servicio (m)toilet
balcón (m)balcony
chimenea (f)chimney
cocina (f)kitchen
comedor (m)dining room
cuarto de baño (m)bathroom
despacho (m)study
despensa (f)larder
dormitorio (m)bedroom
escalera (f)stairs
garaje (f)garage
habitación (f) / sala (f)room
jardín (m)garden
pared (f)wall
pasillo (m)hallway
patio (m)courtyard
puerta (f)door
sala de estar (f)sitting room
salón (m)living room
suelo (m)floor
techo (m)ceiling
tejado (m)roof
terraza (f)terrace
ventana (f)window

The second one reflects how to name the different floors of a structure.

Notice just how we usage the ordinal numbers:


sótano (m)basementbasement
planta baja (f)ground floorinitially floor
primer piso (m)initially floorsecond floor
segundo piso (m)second floor3rd floor
tercer piso (m)third floorfourth floor
cuarto piso (m)fourth floorfifth floor
quinto piso (m)fifth floor6th floor
sexto piso (m)sixth floorseventh floor
séptimo piso (m)seventh flooreighth floor
octavo piso (m)eighth floor9th floor
noveno piso (m)9th floortenth floor
décimo piso (m)tenth flooreleventh floor
ático (m)atticattic
azotea (f)terrace roofterrace roof

Ordinal numbers aren’t provided a lot after 10th. To say “eleventh floor” we would certainly usually say piso once, and also so on.

*When creating the English identical of a Spanish term, I commonly don’t put much focus on the various English variations. But, because the means that floors are counted varies in between English speaking nations, I’ve made a difference between American and British English. Note: Spanish uses the same device as British English.

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