You are what you eat!

That is the message of Passover for all salso days in Reform Judaism.

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As you decide how to make your eating decisions for Passover, I invite you to think about the meanings and also suggestions that follow. The conversation begins via a definition of “chametz.” This is the term the Torah first offers to teach that Passover have to involve transforming what we eat. Chametz becomes the term for what we perform not eat on the holiday.

What is "chametz?" What renders something "chametz?"

Chametz is characterized as food containing any kind of amount of leavened product acquired from 5 types of grain: wheat, barley, oats, spelt and also rye.

What is "leavened?" Leavened describes the process of fermentation which results once flour from these grains is blended through water and also permitted to sit 18 minutes or longer. Why 18 minutes? Just as water has actually a boiling allude, flour has actually a fermentation allude - 18 minutes. After 18 minutes, the dough created by the mixture of flour and also water starts to ferment and increase, developing "leavened bread".

"Unleavened bread" (i.e. matzah) is bcheck out made via flour ground from these same grains (typically wheat) which has been preserved absolutely dry until combined with water and then baked prior to this 18-minute allude of fermentation or leavening. This flour, as soon as baked, becomes a flat cake of matzah bcheck out because the dough was not permitted to increase. The hurried nature of baking matzah prior to the 18-minute allude is what reminds us of the hurried trip of the Israelites from Egypt in the time of the Exodus.

Let"s get specific: What execute we eat? Here"s a list that runs from fresh vegetables to potato chips and in between.

The adhering to foods can be eaten without concerning yourself about their "chametz" content.Fresh fruit, fresh vegetablesEggs, fresh fish, fresh meat and also poultryThe following foods can additionally be consumed without concern for "chametz" content. You need to, however, purchase new packeras and also not use them prior to Passover.Pure tea, pure coffee (through no cereal additives)Sugar, honey, milk, cottage cheese, cream cheeseButter (See Category 3 for margarine) Although the complying with processed foods items do not show up to contain chametz, they are frequently created through chametz. For instance, corn syrup is commonly used as a sweetener in ketchup and also chocolate. (See below for details on corn syrup.) It is therefore best to purchase these commodities for use during Passover only if they bear a label saying they are kosher for Pesach or if you at least review the contents label closely. That way you will certainly be sure that chametz has not been offered in preparing them.Condiments (ketchup, mayonnaise), Canned products, Grape juice, WineOils, Candy, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Potato Chips, Margarine (no corn oil!)And just continue to be away from the following foodstuffs altogether.Leavened bread, rolls, bagels, muffins, biscuits, croissants, doughnuts, crackersCakes, Cereals, Coffee via grain additivesWwarm, barley, oats, spelt, ryeAll liquids containing ingredients or seasonings made from grain alcohol

Why would ice cream or yogurt or ordinary peanut butter even be thought about chametz?

Anvarious other set of restricted foodstuffs is referred to as kitniot-legumes. Ashkenazic Jews of Eastern European origin perform not eat vegetables such as beans, rice, corn, and peas bereason they deserve to be ground right into a sort of flour and also made into foods which might show up to be chametz. So, to guard versus the opportunity of confusion, legumes were forbidden.

This defines the limitations put on the usage of processed food which contain flour, grain, or legume products. Unmuch less the product has been prepared for Passover, we do not recognize if the flour or grain used got to the fermentation suggest. In enhancement, many type of processed foodstuffs use corn syrup as a sweetener, which renders them incorrect for Passover. (And, by the way, it"s most likely a entirety lot healthier to say amethod from many processed foodstuffs anymethod.)

Can"t I make the point by eating matzah at the Seder and then going back to bagels, cactual, and pizza for the rest of the Passover week?

Of course, you have the right to. In the modern world you have the right to live and also eat yet you wish as a Jew.

On the various other hand also, as you define your practice for Passover, the genuine question for you as a Jew may be why you would want to eat chametz at a time when Jewish legacy states not to perform so. What are you saying about your Judaism as soon as you eat pizza two days after the Seder? Are you making a statement of principle or rather absent an possibility for self-interpretation as a Jew? Bagels are delicious, however abstention deserve to additionally be delicious - a concrete means to affirm your function in a tradition that stretches ago hundreds of years.

Does a Reform Jew Change Dishes for Passover?Many Reform Jews probably don"t change dishes for Passover. In reality, many Passover comments from Sinai Temple have actually not pointed out the principle. That"s bereason your Rabbi (that"s me) has actually greatly wanted to focus the congregation on what and also what not to eat for the holiday.

That doesn"t expect, but, that tright here isn"t yet an additional opportunity for providing form to Passover. If you do not eat chametz throughout the holiday, it can indeed make feeling not to usage your usual dishes and silverware in the time of Passover. Some Jews (Recreate Jews!) execute have a entirely separate collection of dishes, silverware, pots and also pans which they only use in the time of Passover; others pick to usage different dishes and also silverware while holding onto their continuous pots and also pans. Some pick to usage different silverware in order to indicate that what we eat on Passover is meant to be different from the rest of the year.

Does it matter? Does "God really care" if we eat matza on the exact same plate provided for a bagel the remainder of the year? My bet is God doesn"t much issue about our plates and silverware. Nonetheless, the idea of making our dwellings visually different for one week a year does speak strongly to me. At some level, "altering some dishes" have the right to be an aesthetically pleasing and memory developing Passover alternative.

Not Eating Bcheck out This Year?I vividly remember my endure as a young Air Force Chaplain, going to the senior Chaordinary that I recall was a Protestant fundamentalist, and saying "Next off month is Passover, and I need to have actually specific foods items stocked in the PX for Jewish family members." His response was a confused "Why?" A year later, I sassist the same point to a Catholic senior Chasimple, and his response was "Of course," I obtained what I wanted in both situations, however the second was the simpler.

I vividly remember my endure as a young Air Force Chaordinary, going to the senior Chaplain that I recontact was a Protestant fundamentalist, and also saying "Next month is Passover, and also I should have specific foods items stocked in the PX for Jewish families." His response was a puzzled "Why?" A year later, I said the same thing to a Catholic senior Chasimple, and also his response was "Of course," I gained what I wanted in both cases, however the second was the simpler.

Jews have always construed this relationship. Even in Recreate Judaism, wright here concerns of kosher foods items are left to the individual"s option, it is still clear that what we eat reflects what we believe. This is specifically noticeable on Passover, as soon as - at the extremely least - we abstain from eating breview for the duration of the holiday. It web links us to various other Jews in the people, and also "vertically" to our people"s endure on this earth.

Although we talk around the great central appropriate of Passover, the idea of flexibility, nopoint illustrates a concept better than some concrete activity as a reminder. In truth, we realize even more and also more that you cannot have a religious beliefs based only on concepts. That is dubbed a viewpoint. We execute not exercise the philosophy of Judaism, however the religion of the Jewish civilization, which calls for action as well as belief.

We eat matzah throughout Passover to remind ourselves that we are part of the neighborhood of Israel, and the heirs of the hasty leave from Egypt. It is additionally a question of taste. matzah really doesn"t taste exceptionally good the remainder of the year, no matter what you put on it. And no breview ever tasted much better than the first bite after the week of Passover. Right?

We eat matzah in the time of Passover to remind ourselves that we are part of the community of Israel, and also the heirs of the hasty departure from Egypt. It is likewise a question of taste. matzah really doesn"t taste incredibly good the rest of the year, no matter what you put on it. And no bcheck out ever before tasted better than the initially bite after the week of Passover. Right?

—Rabbi James Perman, Mount Vernon, NY

Did You Kcurrently That Quinoa is Kosher for Passover?

Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wa”) is quickly becoming a well-known healthy and balanced alternative to starchy side dishes favor potatoes, rice & pasta. Quinoa is a grain-like tasty gluten complimentary food that is high in fiber & protein and includes even more calcium & iron than wwarm.

Another unintended attribute of quinoa is that it is kosher for Passover! This is a welcome reality for those who have been yearning for choices to potatoes and also matzah in the time of Passover.

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Quinoa was not a component of our ancestors’ diet in the Middle East in the time of the time of their escape from Egypt. Due to the fact that it was not component of their diet, quinoa is not on the list of leavened grains forbidden throughout Passover.

So, is quinoa really Kosher for Passover?

Jewish Law prohibits leavened wwarm assets, recognized as chametz on Passover. Chametz is any food product made of wwarmth, barley, rye, oats, spelt, or their spin-offs, which has actually leavened (risen) or fermented. Jewish heritage has established that flour from any type of of these 5 grains that comes in call via water or moisture will leaven unless totally baked within eighteen minutes.

Quinoan initial arrived in the US from Chile in the 1980’s. Quinoa is not one of these forbidden grains, nor is it concerned any type of of these grains, and is therefore not chametz.

Quinoa is actually a grass rather than a grain. We are actually eating the seeds of a leafy green plant similar to cdifficult or spinach. Hence, quinoa can be eaten on Passover.