- So, I'mspecifying the random variable x as the number of workouts thatI will carry out in a offered week. Now right over right here, this table explains theprobability circulation for x. And as you have the right to view, x deserve to take on only afinite number of values, zero, one, two, 3, or four. And so, bereason there's afinite number of worths below, we would certainly call this adiscrete random variable. And you deserve to check out that this is a valid probcapability circulation bereason the merged probcapacity is one. .1 plus 0.15, plus 0.4, plus 0.25, plus 0.1 is one. And none of these arenegative probabilities, which wouldn't have actually made sense. But what we care about inthis video is the concept of an intended value of adiscrete random variable, which we would simply note this means. And one method to think around it is, once we calculate the expectedvalue of this variable, of this random variable, that in a given week, thatwould certainly offer you a sense of the expected number of workouts. This is likewise sometimesreferred to as the suppose of a random variable. This, best over right here,is the Greek letter mu, which is often supplied to denote the suppose. So, this is the intend ofthe random variable x. But how carry out we actually compute it? To compute this, we essentially simply take the weighted sum of the various outcomes, and we weight them by the probabilities. So, for instance, this is going to be, the first outcome here is zero, and also we'll weight it byits probcapability of 0.1. So, it's zero times 0.1. Plus, the following outcome is one, and also it'd be weighted byits probcapacity of 0.15. So, plus one times 0.15. Plus, the following outcome is 2 and also has a probcapacity of 0.4, plus 2 times 0.4. Plus, the outcome three hasa probability of 0.25, plus three times 0.25. And then last however not leastern, we have actually the outcomefour workouts in a week, that has actually a probability of 0.1, plus four times 0.1. Well, we have the right to simplify this a tiny little. Zero times anything is simply zero. So, one times 0.15 is 0.15. Two times 0.4 is 0.8. Three times 0.25 is 0.75. And then 4 times .1 is 0.4. And so, we just have actually toadd up these numbers. So, we acquire 0.15, plus .8, plus .75, plus .4, and let's say 0.4, 0.75, 0.8. Let's add 'em all together. And so, let's see, 5 plus 5 is 10. And then this is 2 plus eight is 10, plus seven is 17, plus four is 21. So, we gain every one of this isgoing to be equal to 2.1. So, one means to think about it is the expected value of x, the meant number ofworkouts for me in a week, provided this probabilitydistribution, is 2.1. Now you might be saying,wait, hold on a 2nd. All of the outcomesright here are totality numbers. How have the right to you have 2.1 workouts in a week? What is .1 of a workout? Well, this isn't sayingthat in a provided week, you would certainly suppose me towork-related out specifically 2.1 times. But this is valuablebereason you can say, well, in 10 weeks, you would certainly expect me to do roughly 21 workouts. Sometimes I can execute zeroworkouts, periodically one, sometimes two, sometimesthree, sometimes 4. But in 100 weeks, you might intend me to do 210 workouts. So, even for a random variable that deserve to just take on integer values, you deserve to still have actually anon-integer intended worth, and also it is still valuable.

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Mean (supposed value) of a discrete random variable
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Median (expected value) of a discrete random variable
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