Any single letter, number, symbol, or punctuation note.

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Character stylesA style that is used to individual characters or words that customers have schosen.
FontA set of characters that have the exact same design
Live PreviewA attribute that enables a user to watch exactly how alters, such as font style or size, will certainly look in a paper.
MonospacedA font in which all of its characters take up the exact same amount of horizontal space.
Paragraph stylesA style in which the layouts are applied instantly to all message in the paragraph wright here the insertion suggest is located, whether or not text is selected
Proportional spaceA font in which the horizontal spacing varies
Sans serifA font that does not have the tiny line extensions on its characters.
SerifA font that has little lines at the start and finish of personalities and that is generally provided via big amounts of text.
Text EffectsA new font command also team that adds a distinctive appearance, such as outlines, shadows, glows, or reflections, to selected message.
Point sizeA measurement that describes the height of personalities via one allude equaling about 1/12 of an inch.
WordArtA feature within Word that creates decorative results with a string of message.
AlignmentA setting that describes just how text is positioned in between the margins.
First-line indentA setting that inserts a one-fifty percent inch of empty space in between the left margin and also the initially line of the paragraph; one-half inch is the default setting for this indent.
Hanging indentA establishing that starts the first complete line of message in a paragraph at the left margin; all the remaining lines in the paragraph are indented one-half inch from the left margin.
Horizontal alignmentA setting that describes exactly how message is positioned in between the left and best margins.
IndentA blank room inserted between text and the left or best margin.
LeadersA tool identified through icons such as dotted, daburned, or solid lines that fill the room before tabs.
Line spacingThe amount of space in between lines of text in a paragraph.
Negative indentA setting that extends paragraph text into the left margin.A setting that exhas a tendency paragraph text into the left margin.

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Vertical alignmentA setting that refers to exactly how message is positioned in between the peak and also bottom margins of the web page.