Watch Anne Hathaway Swing Epic ‘Wrecking Ball’ on ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Actress gets in character for her Miley Cyrus mime, while Emily Blunt delivers epic variation of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”

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Anne Hathawaycame in prefer a “Wrecking Ball” for Thursday’sLip Sync Battle versus Emily Blunt. Borrowing Miley Cyrus’ distinct video look of a tank-height and tighty whiteys, Hathaway mimes the lyrics via desperation, even slipping in an up-cshed diss to Blunt with the line “I guess I should’ve let you win.” But the grand also finale –a swing on an actual wrecking round – whips the crowd into a frenzy, leaving her opponent (and host LL Cool J) speechmuch less on the sidelines.

To her credit, Blunt brings the soul-rock thunder via her performance of the Big Brother and also the Holding Company variation of “Piece of My Heart,” gaining in character as a fur coat-wearing Janis Joplin. (“I feel like I was at the Woodstock after-party,” cracks LL.) But this round was a simple Hathaway K.O.

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For her take on Mary J. Blige’s “Love,” Hathameans scales earlier the theatrics for a sparser strategy – and her mix of fake singing and rapping (and also real high-kicks) is pretty superior. Still, Blunt’s explosive fake belting of Blackstreet’s 1996 New Jack Swing anthem “No Diggity” is the clear victor this round. (Hathamethod, suffering the sting of defeat, refuses to let her competitor end up and also seizes the mic with a Kanye-at-VMAs-styled interruption.)

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Lip Sync Battle–a spinoffof The Tonight Show‘s well-known recurring segment wbelow celebrities mime their favorite hits – premiered last week on Spike, through Jimmy Fallon squaring off against Dwayne“The Rock” Johnkid. The late-night host recruited a robe-wearing choir for his variation of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer,” however the actor-wrestler reigned supreme through a hilarious take on the Bee Gee’s disco classical “Stayin’ Alive” – Saturday Night Fever suit and all.

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