So we have an additional top of the ideal anime series so much, those tv reflects are all around death! and also who doesn’t choose horror anime?!

After digging we find that the series wbelow the primary character dies are the most wanted by the fans.

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For we lug you the best of the best in order to remain at the peak of your choice.

by the means, if you prefer horror anime examine out this ⇒TOP 10 Best Horror Gore Anime Series

⌈10⌋ Hakuouki Hekketsuroku


Devilguy Crybaby is an Anime wright here the major character dies and also it’s a 2018 Science SARU Production.

Genres: Action, Dementia, Demons, Horror, Supernatural

⇓ Synopsis ⇓

Devils cannot take form without a living host.

However before, they can overcome the demon and also make its power their very own through their toughness, coming to be a Devilguy.

Weak and also unassuming, Akira Fudou has actually always had a bleeding heart.

So as soon as his childhood friend Ryou Asuka asks for his aid in uncovering devils, Akira accepts without hesitation.

However before, to Akira’s surpincrease, the place they go to is Sabbath: an imethical party of debauchery and also degeneracy.

Amidst bloodburned and fatality, demons possess the partiers, turning their bodies right into grotesque monsters, and start wreaking havoc.

In a reckmuch less attempt to conserve his ideal frifinish.

Akira unwittingly merges through the evil one Amon and becomes a Devilmale, getting the power to defeat the staying demons.

Though it grants him great power, this brand-new partnership awakens an insatiable and primeval part of Akira.

therefor, Akira functions alongside Ryou, destroying those that damage mankind and his loved ones.

⌈8⌋ Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom


Shiki is an Anime where the primary character dies and also it’s a 2010 Daume Production.

Genres: Mystery, Horror, Superorganic, Thriller, Vampire

⇓ Synopsis ⇓

Fifteen-year-old Megumi Shimizu dreamed of a glamorous life in the significant city; however, her unintended death in the quiet village of Sotoba marks the beginning of what appears to be a ferocious epidemic that turns the hot summer into a season of blood and terror.

A young doctor named Toshio Ozaki starts to doubt the nature of the disease and concerns understand also that to find the reality, he need to abandon his humankind.

Meanwhile, the sudden fatality of Megumi hunts Natsuno Yuuki, an antisocial youth from the city, and also should realize the pain of friendship in the confront of his own tragedy.

Toshio and Natsuno develop an unlikely pair as they work-related together to conserve Sotoba before it transforms into a gorganize tvery own of vampires.

Shiki, adapted from the horror novel created by Fuyumi Ono, goes beyond the average vampire story.

It tells the tragic tale of survival in a civilization wbelow one cannot conveniently identify in between good and evil.

Abandoned by God, the Shiki, as the vampires speak to themselves, have only their will certainly to live as they clash via the are afraid of the paranoid/unbelieving villagers.

Shiki explores the boundary that sepaprices man from monster.

⌈6⌋ Mobile Suit Gundam 00


Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 is an Anime where the primary character dies and it’s a 2007 Sunrise Production.

Genres: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Gap, Drama, Mecha

⇓ Synopsis ⇓

In the far-off future, mankind’s dependence on fossil fuels will certainly cause their finish depletion, an power crisis, unfavor anypoint the people saw.

Out of retaliation and fear, humanity started concentrating at an alternative source of energy: solar power.

Different nations have actually unified together to create 3 significant factions—the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations, the Cutting edge European Union, and the Human being Reform Organization.

Each of these sectors has accessibility to a solar power generator, which offers them boundless energy.

As an outcome, countries that were when dependent on the sale of fossil fuels are currently plunged in poverty, causing years of warfare and also inner strife over the manage of solar power.

Amid this chaos, an unwell-known paraarmed forces organization showed up identifying themselves as “Celestial Being,” aspire to finish all warfare through armed treatment by making use of mysterious and also technologically advanced Mobile Suits recognized as Gundams.

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Mobile Suit Gundam 00 follows the story of Celestial Being’s Gundam Meisters Setsuna F. Seiei, Lockon Stratos, Allelujah Haptism, and Tieria Erde. These 4 dive into the damaging fight in between the 3 superpowers to accomplish their goal of transforming the people.