The factor Jack was made chief of the natives and also why he knew their language.

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In Dead Man's Chest, the crew of the Black Pearl is anchored at an island and taken prisoner by the Pelegostos tribe. The crew is put in cages while Jack is made their chief, as the natives see him as a god. They were only there for a few days, yet somejust how Jack can speak their language and also communicate via them. Why does Jack understand their language and why did they make HIM chief and also check out him as a god out of all the other captives?

Well, I think the answer is in the previous movie, The Curse of the Babsence Pearl. When Elizabeth is falling from the naval fort, the scene switches to Jack talking to the two soldiers. In mid sentence, we hear Jack say "And then they made me their chief." That story is then interrupted with Elizabeth falling right into the water.

So my theory is that Jack knows their language and also the tribe check out him as their god/chief because HE HAS BEEN THERE BEFORE! Unmuch less it was some other island and people that he was referring to, Jack has actually been tright here before and more than likely had another run in via that people. Maybe he was there much longer and learned to speak their language then.

Now, the hole in my theory is that you might argue he didn't really recognize their language and also was only able to approximately communicate with them with acting out prefer charades. Example would certainly be as soon as he told them to make a bigger fire. But I think he really did understand their language because in the scene once a guard runs to the village and warns everyone that the crew was escaping, they all look to Jack for orders. Somehow, Jack construed precisely what that guard was saying bereason he replies "Well go on, go acquire them," and also then translates that order right into their language.

The various other hole is that Gibbs someexactly how knew the name of this people as the "Pelegostos" people. So I guess it's possible that this tribe is kind of well known, most likely notorious.

I simply think it's hilarious that it wasn't the first time Jack has actually more than likely gone via that whole venture of being captured, acting as chief, and also escaping.

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TLDR; The factor Jack knows their language and why they made him their chief and check out him as a god is because he has actually been tright here before, as pointed out in the initially movie.

Edit: Well I guess I should've done a quick google search initially bereason it looks choose all this is true: