Use this activity to aid you build your familiarity through and capability to identify necessary terms and concepts pertained to Operant Conditioning.

B.F. Skinner
The Amerideserve to Behaviorist responsible for the advance of the operant conditioning
Operant ConditioningLearning that occurs when a behavior is strengthened or diminished based upon reinforcement used
Operant behaviorA habits that creates a solution from the environment
Respondent behaviorAn automatic response to a stimulus
Law of EffectThe concepts that actions that are followed by a favorable consequence will certainly be repeated; adhered to by a negative consequence will certainly diminish
Skinner Box (Operant Chamber)A recording tool offered in animal research on operant conditioning
ShapingThe usage of reinforcers to slowly overview habits to a desired end
ReinforcementAny event that strengthens, or rises the frequency of, a preceding response (behavior)
Hopeful ReinforcementThe presentation of favorable or pleasureable stimulus
Negative ReinforcemntThe removal of an aversive stimulus (punishment)
PunishmentAn event that decreases the habits that it follows
Primary ReinforcersA reinforcer that satisfies a organic need (perform not have to be learned)
Conditioned (Secondary) ReinforcersLearned reinforcers, they work-related because they are through major reinforcers.
Continuous ReinforcementReinforcing the desired response eincredibly time it occurs
Partial ReinforcementReinforcing something only component of the time
Fixed-Ratio Schedule of ReinforcementReinforcement that comes only after a collection number of responses have actually occurred
Variable Ration Schedule of ReinforcementReinforcement that comes after an unpredictable number of responses
Fixed Interval Schedule of ReinforcementReinforcement that comes after a collection time period
Variable Interval Schedule of ReinforcementReinforcement that comes after an unpredictable period of time
Intrinsic MotivationA desire to perdevelop a behavior for its very own sake
Extrinsic MotivationA desire to perform a actions as a result of promised rewards or danger of punishment
Latent LearningLearning that occurs however is not noticeable till tbelow is an inspiration to show it
Cognitive MapA psychological representation of the layout of one's setting.