Narrated by Liev Schreiber, this miniseries highlights momentous occasions in Amerideserve to history, including the arrival of the Pilgrims, the American Rdevelopment, the Civil War and the incredible lunar landing.

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Cast Danny Webb, Liev Schreiber, Al Sharpton, James Meigs, H.W. Brands, Annette Gordon-Reed, Tom Brokaw, Brian Williams, Michael Douglas, Colin Powell, Ricdifficult Machowicz, Rudolph W. Giuliani, Michael Strahan, John Lasseter, David Baldacci
Experience Amerideserve to history choose never before before via this tv miniseries, narrated by Liev Schreiber, that highlights such momentous occasions as the arrival of the Pilgrims, the Amerihave the right to Revolution, the Civil War and the significant lunar landing.

Common Sense Note

Parents should recognize that this educational series provides visually graphic reenactments of Amerideserve to historic occasions. People are presented being shot, blvery own up, stabbed via bayonets, and so on (bloody wounds and also dead corpses visible). There are additionally brief discussions around prostitution, cannibalism, slavery, Native Amerideserve to displacement, illness, starvation, and also other strong topics. All these themes are offered within a historical context, but might be a small disturbing to younger and/or sensitive viewers.

Sexual Content

Contains some discussion about prostitution as a result of historical occasions.


Contains many drastically violent scenes of riots, rebellion, and battles. Muskets, weapons, rifles, bayonets, bulallows, cannons, etc. are commonly presented being used to kill during battles and also guerilla attacks. People are likewise presented being burned at the stake. Bloody wounds and also dead corpses are visible. All of this is readily available in a historical conmessage.


Not applicable

Social Behavior

The series provides comprehensive however reasonably neutral discussions around the events that have actually made America the country that it is today.


Bank of America is a significant sponsor of the show; in between display segments commercials that look like part of the series are presented. Valspar paint is also a sponsor.

Drugs / Tobacco / Alcohol

The duty of tobacco production on America"s at an early stage economy is disputed. The intake of alcoholic bevereras (rum, ale) is sometimes displayed (and/or talked about). Drug usage and also addiction, as it relates to history, comes up.

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Period proper Not an problem Depends on your kid and your family members Parental fees strongly cautioned Not proper for kids of the age

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