simply got onto among my listings, for their shipping it claims "ships in 1 to 2 months". What the heck?

This has actually constantly been a listing wbelow I wasn't obtaining the buy box, no-one was. It always sassist something favor "easily accessible from these sellers". I was obtaining plenty of sales that method, so I never before bothered lowering the price to find out exactly how low I had actually to go for the buy box.

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I guess my just choice besides competing via them is hoping to sell with my inventory before they become competitive delivery-wise? They don't have what looks like a buy box, but you can buy from right from the product web page through the caveat that it's "FREE Shipping for Prime members once available"


Sounds like that simply got provided with merchant central/vendor expush yet they haven't got their stock yet. If you go about Amazon's price (sometimes also a little higher) you should be able to gain the buy box amethod from them. Once they acquire their inventory it will certainly be a lot more hard. They just did this on one of mine, likewise. I'm hoping I have the right to market out prior to they gain their stock.

Hmm, trouble is I didn't have actually the buybox in the initially area, no-one did. I imagine it's bereason everyone is priced over what Amazon considers low enough/msrp to get the buybox.

So not just did I not already have the buybox, currently if you go to the product page it defaults to Amazon's inventory, via the caveat that it's supposed to ship in 1 to 2 months. So hopefully some buyers view with that and also buy from me for a slightly greater price.

Doing the 999 trick? They have actually even more than 999 it appears, lol.

Don't I know it. It was a financially rewarding listing. Now I'm just going to obtain it all offered off and forget about the sweet sweet profit margins on that item. Shitty point is, I have an additional 18 of shelp item in their means to me, not certain if I should sfinish them ago to the vendor for a remoney or check out if I can get them in and also sold prior to Amazon's in-stock date.

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