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"Mad World" is a 1982 new wave song by the British band also Tears for Fears. A 2001 cover of the song by composer Michael Andrews and also singer-songwriter Gary Jules has actually been generally offered online in videos to elicit a somber or melancholic tone.


On September 20th, 1982, Tears for Fears released the song "Mad World" as their 3rd single release (shown below, left). On January 1ninth, 2001, a cover of the song by composer Michael Andrews and also singer-songwriter Gary Jules was featured in the scientific research fiction horror-drama film Donnie Darko. On January 8th, 2006, a music video for the cover was uploaded to YouTube, which gathered even more than 96 million views and 69,000 comments (displayed below, right).


On October 17th, 2012, YouTuber james cameron uploaded a slidepresent featuring illustrations of the Spongebob Squarepants character Squidward wearing a sad-looking expression with the Andrew and Jules cover playing in the background (shown below, left). On November 13th, 2014, YouTuber Hoocham uploaded a distorted version of the song played over a picture of Gordon Hurd titled "Mad World – Gary Jules (Ear Rape Edition)" (displayed listed below, right).

On April 23rd, 2015, YouTuber Fran zi uploaded a video clip featuring the Andrew and also Jules cover of "Mad World" in addition to a slideshow of illustrations featuring Pepe the Frog and also Feels Guy (shown below).

On Vine

On December 17th, 2013, Viner JohnsEdge uploaded a video clip titled "first attempt to singing Mad World by Gary Jules" (presented below, left). Within 3 years, the video obtained even more than 2.4 million loops, 48,000 likes and 22,000 revines. On October 2ninth, 2015, Viner sheight it, joe posted a clip of a teenager falling from a skateboard complied with by an overlay of JohnsEdge singing the song (displayed listed below, right).

On November 1ninth, YouTuber Tom Davies reuploaded the video to YouTube, wright here it gathered upwards of 1.15 million views and 1,100 comments.<1> Over the next month, other remixes of the video began appearing on Vine and also YouTube.<2> On December 8th, JohnsEdge uploaded a compilation of "All Around Me Are Familiar Faces" Vines to YouTube, obtaining over 1.7 million views and also 1,700 comments in 10 months (presented below).




The fastest-flourishing meme from Steve"s wholesome video revolves about people not reasoning they"ve accomplished all that much.

"Fourth Jonas Brother" Frankie pranked some of social media"s a lot of beloved influencers, consisting of Charli D"Amelio and Olympian Suni Lee, previously this week by acquiring them to pose with his Scientology necklace, completely unconscious of what they were doing.

The picture comparing Al Capone to a modern-day "gangster" was first posted to Reddit"s /r/terriblefacebookmemes board in 2015, and also has seen a noteworthy rise in popularity newly.

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Back in the "90s and at an early stage 2000s, Fraser was a beloved Hollyhardwood star. Shortly after, he started to disshow up from the spotlight as he went through a poor divorce and other hardships. Thturbulent a mix of memery and also love, Fraser is currently enduring a comeback, and this is just how it happened.

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