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07. 마지막 (The Last)

Please check out track 05, and also 06 before reading this as there seems to be a chronological order to the lyrics.

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Kind of sad lyrics but trying to be solid in the finish. He seems to fluctuate from feeling helpless, then trying to be strong, then being insecure, then cocky, then ago and forth. I think everyone experiences this though, to some extent…so I refuse to feel sorry for him (although this song made me tear up a bit the initially time I listened to it.)

I’m pretty certain he’s gone via some difficult stuff (as rambled on previously on my various other post), however I’m certain this procedure of finding out that he is will make him a far better artist and a better perkid in the finish.

Produced by Agust D, June, Pdogg(Agust D, June, Pdogg)

Keyboard – PdoggSynthesizer – PdoggRhythm Programming – JuneGuitar – 정수완Recording Engineer – Agust D
Genius LabPdogg
Dogg BounceMix Engineer – 김보성
BigHit StudioMastering Engineer – Alex DeYoung
DeYoung Masters

On the dark side of a effective idol rapperMy frail self stands, a bit dangerousDepression, compulsion, at times relapseHell no, possibly that’s just my true self.

Damn, huh. Feeling separated from realityConflicts via ideals make my head hurtSocial phobia began about age 18.Yeah, about that time my mind became even more polluted

Sometimes I’m afrhelp of myself also, From the self-disgust and also depression coming to play againMin Yoongi is already dead (I eliminated him)It’s been a long time because passion has died and comparing myself to others have actually come to be my daily life.

The first day I went to the psychiaattempt department, my parental fees cameto gain counoffering with me. My parents said that they don’t recognize me wellI don’t recognize myself well either. Then who would certainly know?Friends? You? Nobody knows me well.

The physician asked meHave you ever.. “beeeeeeep” ? (Thanks Zea, in comments)I sassist without hesitating, that tbelow were times once I have actually.

Like a halittle, I say “uh, I don’t provide a shit, I don’t offer a fuck”All those saying are, uh, trying to hide my weaknessThat time I desire to erase. Yeah, that day of performance that I can’t even remember,Myself that looked back at me as I hid in the washroom, afrassist of people.

That time I, that time I..I assumed success will make it all worthwhileBut you recognize, yet you knowIt feels favor I’m coming to be more of a monster as time passes.

The monster called success that I paid with my youth, wants more wealthThe greed that supplied to be my tool is now turning to swenable me, destroy me and put a leash approximately my neckSome civilization forcefully cover my mouth and also tell me to swpermit this forbidden fruitI don’t desire it. They want me to leave this garden.Garden of Eden/Biblical reference.

Shit, shit, I get it. Please simply soptimal.I’m the cause of all these issues anyway, so I’ll sheight on my ownIf my misfortune is your happiness, I’ll gladly be unfortunateIf your tarobtain of hatred is me, I’ll stand also on the guillotine for you.




The things I had actually imagined end up being fact. The childhood dream is in front of my eyesThe bit shit that performed in front of crowd of 2, is now heading in the direction of Tokyo domeThere’s only one life, so I’m going to live with more fire than anyone else..Anyone deserve to just live along haphazardly.My fan my hommie my fam, don’t problem, I’m really alright currently, damn

After having actually denied what my essence is multiple timesMy resolve is idol, I don’t deny it.The anguish that dug into my mind many kind of timesThe finish to wandering. There was no answer.

My pride that I assumed I had actually marketed out, has now become my self-respectMy fans, I hope you organize your head up high through pride. Who else would execute as much as me? uh.From Seiko to Rolex, from Ax to GymSeiko (~$200) to Rolex (frequently $10 000) watches. Also recommendation to Nas – Nas Is Like (thanks, Annie in comments)AX-Korea is a theatre (capacity ~ 2000), and also Gym is the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium (capacity ~ 15 000)Illustrating rise in popularity and also success.His current Grazia intercheck out is exciting. He states he offered to want points favor expensive watches, yet currently feels favor he doesn’t require these things anyeven more.The 10s of thousands that nod to the gestures from my handsShow Me the Money. It’s not that I couldn’t do it. I didn’t carry out it. Shit.You men that sold us out, it’s not that you didn’t carry out it. You couldn’t do it. Shit.The roots of my creative thinking has actually tasted the world’s sweetness, bitterness, to shittiness. The days of trying to fall asleep on the floor of the bathroom is now bittersweet memory, uh, becomes memories.I had actually my deyet, while holding onto my shoulder that was injured in an accident during my part-time delivery project.To whom carry out you think you’re pretending to have actually endured hardship?He mentions his aching shoulder in his part of the song “Rain.”

From Seiko to Rolex, from Ax to GymThe 10s of thousands that nod to the gestures from my handsWatch me, uh. Born out of anguishYou guys that offered us out, it’s not that you didn’t do it. You couldn’t carry out it. Shit.

Fun via Korean swear words!!!

I translated it as “The ‘little shit’ that percreated in front of crowd of two”, yet he calls himself 좆밥. Literally, it means smegma. If you don’t know what smegma is, don’t look it up!

I love Korean language.


(Jul 2019)

EDIT 1: I just wanna add that this term, “좆밥/smegma” is not some kind of weird new expression that Suga came up through. It’s a typically used slang that means somepoint small/crude/inconsiderable. Which is why I translated it as “little bit shit”, which I think has actually about same definition.

EDIT 2: Because BTS seems to be getting many fans who may be not acquainted with other Kpop stuff favor Sexactly how Me the Money , I wanted to include a blurb. It’s a hip hop audition present in Korea that was wildly renowned, especially during 2013-2015 once BTS was gaining a lot of hate.

This was once it was well-known to diss Kpop idols as if that renders K-hiphop authentic or somepoint. And why not diss BTS that was well recognized enough to be known however still tiny sufficient that the band as well as the fans could conveniently be bullied? There were not simply one, but a number of instances that rappers dissed BTS on this present (I won’t go right into details as I don’t desire to cause fandom wars via points that occurred years ago).

I just want to compose around the influence this had on BTS and the ARMYs in Korea.

If you are to try to imagine it… in the Western world… Think of exactly how it would have been if some of the finalists on the Amerideserve to Idol routine, at the height of its popularity, dissed some small brand-new band that was simply trying to endure. And the countless the fans of the regime who are not even familiar with that little band’s music went on to laugh at them and assumed they were bad.

And then think of how also still in Western human being, most music fans and male hip hop fans think boybands are some kind of low top quality music and also sneers at their music.

What BTS was obtained was essentially the above two scenarios put together. Where random mass group of fans of the display would certainly diss BTS and their fans. And whole of K-hiphop market would certainly say BTS need to be happy to be also mentioned and laugh at their fans.

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So yeah… it was a variety of unpleasant years. And K-hiphop area is somewhat huge yet likewise kinda isolated? So I think they were bashing BTS typically also into prefer 2018… and also it’s only very freshly that some of them are kinda going… BTS is sort of good? It’s amazing to check out their opinions actually start to readjust freshly. Better later than never before, I guess.