I've been recently tested for ADHD and also I'm going in this Monday to comment on the results. I feel pretty particular I will certainly be diagnosed and also prescribed a medication. I'm really hesitant as soon as it pertains to taking prescriptions, especially psychiatric medication that is taken daily. I'm simply curious if anyone have the right to tell me around as soon as they were initially diagnosed and also what it's like taking medication; results, if/how it assisted, etc. (Also, I'm a small anxious around the idea of being diagnosed so any type of advice or individual stories around it would certainly be substantially appreciated.) Many kind of many thanks in advance..!

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Well I acquired diagnosed officially a pair of weeks earlier. I knew it was likely I had actually ADHD for around 6 years though. (I'm virtually 29). My psychiatrist has provided me a prescription for immediate release Ritalin
approximately 60mg a day and it is approximately me to discover out what dose functions finest for me. I prefer instant release as if I time it correctly it doesn't impact my appetite much as it only lasts a couple of hours.

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I've found that taking Ritalin doesn't all of a sudden boost my performance (I job-related from home). I think what functions for me is taking fifty percent my dose after breakquick, beginning job-related on a job, and also then taking the other half. It does enhance the duration of my focus but first I have to get focussed on my very own.

I was pretty relieved to gain diagnosed and prescribed as I have had issues via depression for a while and that was actually why I visited the psychiatrist. His opinion was that my depression was led to by underachieving despite being of above average knowledge because of ADHD. This seemed favor a pretty excellent diagnosis to me so I'm excited to try this new angle at tackling my depression as nothing has really had actually a irreversible effect on it prior to.

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Going forward I'm going to focus on organisation as I've seen that medication isn't a magic cure for our condition. I have to have actually clear work defined and planned out in order to utilise my new discovered focus skills!

Good luck and all the best friend :-)

Oh and one quick edit: my psychiatrist has told me I don't have to take Ritalin everyday. I can take the weekends off or any kind of time throughout the week when I don't need improved emphasis. On the days I don't take it so much I don't feel lethargic or any much less intelligent than prior to I began medication.