Poetry - In memory of those killed by abortion

Attached are a choice of poems created by various human being re the tradegy of abortion.

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It also has Spike Milligan"sUnto Uswhich he read on RTE"SLate Late Showsome years before his death.

Please Let Me Live

I am a brand-new arrival

I am a brand-new arrival

In the womb I have actually been formed

Defined by the rarest beauty

Only nature might adorn

Although very tiny

I am a perchild through and also through

And should no one render harm to me

I will certainly thrive up simply choose you

They say we all have equal rights

From lifes start to its end

But that have the right to check out that all is right

And will certainly my life defend

If in this people I need protection

You are the one I would choose to care

I am your boy, you are my mother

Its a journey we both share

Tbelow are many gone before me

Others trail behind

Some arrived disabled

We are every one of a kind

As we reach out for living

Knowing our journey is a trial

Please momma’s wont you love us

If only for a while

We all recognize life is precious

Please don’t offer up on me

Tbelow are so many kind of things I have to do

So a lot to say and see

If my journey is a brief one

My life a moment it have to be

One kiss, a hug, a cuddle

Would be a lifetimes love for me

PJ Brennan :Pro Life Poem by P.J. Brennan...

I"m sad you"ll never before gain to see my face

Mother what is this I hear you say,If I could talk I’d tell you it’s okayI might not be born yet yet I have earsI’m only young yet can sense your fears

I cannot see you yet however I perform have actually eyes.Mvarious other I hate to hear your lonely cries.I know you’re feeling afraid and sad,I recognize your setup renders you feel negative.

But don’t feel poor mommy please don’t cry,I understand that you’ve been told a lieAll in the name of your choice and ideal,my life is destined to shed its fight

I wish that I could make you seethat life will work out fine with meThey’ve told you that this is not the instance,I’m sad you’ll never before obtain to see my face

But in the end I’ll be okay ,it’s you I issue about once I’m taken awayYou may feel pain in your body and spirit,what has happened to you is bound to take its toll

Despite all this mom you currently have actually a mission,to tell your story and also make them listenTo tell them how you’ll never before forgain,exactly how you feel now and how you regret

I hope that in some means you have the right to be solid,to say the words abortion is wrongTo say you recognize because you were tbelow ,you saw initially hand also the lack of care

The lack of compassion , the absence of joyand also just how you found out that I was a boyI’m not saying this to make you feel bad,I’m okay now mother it’s for you I feel sad

I know that daily you feel sorry,but you are forgiven so perform not worryIf you deserve to warn mothers about what you’ve gone via,you might have the power to conserve a life also.

by: Aoife Pedreschi


An Holistic Approach For You And Your Unborn Child

Do not sheight it’s heart.

For it beats in time to yours.

Each song has actually it’s song in

Chorus via the remainder.

When you squash and also still

Forever before the ticking of a

Heart, you squash and still

Forever a harmony

Of Life.

Let it be – to beat it’s own

Drum in the onward march

Of Time.

For we each have actually music in our

Soul and also each a message

For development to behost.

Let it proceed on right into the

Cosmic entirety.

All have their duty, which may

Take a generation to unfold.

Do not soptimal its flight.

Start its life rather.

Brid Fitzpatrick

After The Darkness

Your heart is not alone as

It philosophies the clinic,

Undiscovering to its fate.

It’s beat will be quit.

But then the feathered

Wings of angels will

Gather your life that was-

To-be and ascend the

Sacred routes of it’s


You will certainly be among angels.

Brid Fitzpatrick


A young life is gone

Mammy keep me safe, Mammy store me heat,And with all your love, assist me to create.I"m 6 weeks this particular day and a birthday gift to me,Is a pair of bappropriate blue eyes so that at some point I might check out.I"ve already obtained my arms, I have a podgy bit nose,And at the end of my feet are funny little bit things called toes.

I"m looking forward currently to life; ice-cream, snails,Teddy bears and also lengthy fairy tales.Where are you going I wonder today? In a bus, in a vehicle, much far amethod.Why are you lying dvery own being pushed on four wheels?This does not occur - how funny it feels.

Banging with doors - all people in green,If they hurt you Mammy; Mammy simply scream.Don"t go asleep Mammy, do not leave me alone.Mammy I"m scared, I want to go home.Mammy what"s happening, I"m beginning to cry.Run quick Mammy, I do not desire to die.

They"re killing me Mammy, they"re pulling me acomponent.My legs, my arms, they"re cutting my heart.Goodbye Mammy; Mammy, Mammy Goodbye.Thanks for trying, but I won"t view the sky.I won"t the watch birds or the grass or the trees,I will not sing sweet songs or feel a stselection breeze.

I love you, dear Mammy, I really, really do

And I hope dear Mammy, that you loved me as well.


Dear Mandy

Lord, I still uncover the need to crySince my little bit girl had to dieBut Lord I understand when youcame I had to provide her a name

Dear Mandy 15 years agoHow I carry out not knowI denied you lifeDue to the fact that I wasn"t a wifeYou might never seeWhat this did to meIt was at high costFor I likewise lostThe right to have anotherNever to be a mother

You were my just oneMandy, we could have actually had actually so much funThe times we would certainly have actually sharedFor you I would have actually caredI understand you are in heaven aboveAnd through my Father"s loveI have been forprovided nowBut I understand not howHis love have the right to be that wideNow I have nothing to hide

God is looking after youUntil the day we twoCan be together when againAnd be really totally free from painMandy I ask you to forgiveYour motherBut at the moment I might view noOther method out of the situationI never before knew you were a creation

Now it is a various storyGod has actually offered me the gloryTo go and tell one and also allHow I was such a foolIf only I had actually known tright here was a life insideSo many tears I needn"t have actually cried



Loving God, creator of all humale life, we adore You and also worship You

You develop all humans in your image

May we, Your world, dedicate ourselves to deffinishing the preborn and all those intimidated by the society of death

We ask You to touch the hearts of all mothers considering abortion, the abortionists, and also those that assistance killing preborn babies.

Day of our age

One year back, a son was never before born. It"s lifewas terminated prior to it ever before got to the light of day.The story was maintained and never told, until sooner or later of theautumn in 1994. The story was told, and also eyes were darkenedby the sins of the father, and the cruelty and sadness ofthe mommy, the mommy of the unborn. Themother told the tale to the Companion, and the Companion swore loyalty and trust.

One year-day it currently is, and will certainly pertained to pass,and also these are the scenes in this age: The father of theunborn, not knowing, not aware of this day to pass.The mommy of the unborn, aware of today, however notwilling to accept the weight of the past.

But on this particular day, one pair of eyes stare at the sky,and also wonder about the fate of the mortals.One pair of eyesare wet from tears. One says a silent prayer to the spirit ofthe unborn, as the tears autumn, and the sky turns gray assteel, and open up it"s gateways and also cries via me.

The Companion cries wright here no one else does, considering that I remember the tears ofthe mommy, the harshness of the father, and also the unopenedeyes of the unborn child, to have actually been one year old on today,if time had come to pass.

Say a prayer to the unborn this particular day, as no one else will remember.

Rasmus Hansson, 7th April, 1995


In the life of a child

A a century from currently,it will certainly not matter whatmy Bank Account was,the kind of house I stayed in,or the sort of vehicle I drove,however the world may be differentbereason I was importantin the life of a boy.


How have the right to there be too many type of children?

That is choose saying tbelow are also many flowers.

Mother Teresa

Unto us

Somewbelow at sometimeThey committed themselves to meAnd so I was!Tiny in shapeLusting to live!I hung in my pulsing cave.

Soon they knew of meMy mother - my fatherI had no say in my beingI lived on trustAnd loveTho" I couldn"t thinkEach component of me was sayingA silent "Wait for me!I will certainly lug you love!"

I was takenBlind, naked, defencemuch less,By the hand also of oneWhose excellent nameWas graven on a brass platein Wimpole Street,And dropped on the sterile floorOf a foot-operated plastic waste bucket.

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Tbelow was no Queen"s Counsel,To take my brief.The cot I could have actually warmedStood in Harrod"s shop window.When my passing was toldMy father smiled,No grief filled my empty room.My death was celebratedWith two tickets to watch Danny La RueWho was pretending to be a womanLike my mother was...