Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you perform. Attitude determines just how well you carry out it“. Lou Holtz

Ability. Motivation. Attitude. Three crucial ingredients to help you to acsoimg.orgmplish your goal. I like this, because none of them occupational without the other two.

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It doesn’t issue exactly how a lot capacity you have actually if you have no inspiration or perspective. All that talent just won’t acquire used.

It doesn’t issue exactly how ensoimg.orguraged you are if you have actually no capacity or mindset. You have to be able to perform something and also have a can-perform get-to-the-end up perspective to keep going.

It doesn’t matter exactly how good your perspective is, if you have actually no capability or impetus then you’re not going anywhere. You must be able to do somepoint and feel urged enough to perform something through it.

So you require all three. Yes, really.


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This is around your skills. What can you do? What’s your talent? What is it that you are so good at that human being ask you to carry out it all the time? Don’t be modest right here, what are you really experienced at? You can even have actually testimonials, star ratings, an award, social proof or somepoint else to prove it.


This is your why – why you carry out what you carry out. What renders you acquire up in the morning? Why perform you save going? What’s the vision you’re functioning towards? What’s your inspiration? Maybe it’s your kids, or you desire to help orphans in India, or you want a holiday to the other side of the civilization to visit your best frifinish or you desire to aid others or share a certain messsage?

Write it down. Put it somewbelow you’ll see it all the moment.


Not to be perplexed with incentive (WHY perform something), attitude is exactly how you FEEL while doing your point. If you have a positive perspective then you’ll feel excellent about acquiring going and making progress. If you have actually an unfavorable mindset then you’ll not feel good about doing it, so the best is of soimg.orgurse to have actually a positive can-execute perspective. A little bit of oomph that you deserve to press via your motivation and also nudge through your abilities to make remarkable things occur.

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Ability + Motivation + Attitude = Success


What does this look prefer for you? What will certainly you acquire if you usage those skills that you’ve got – for an excellent factor and also with a great attitude? Success doesn’t soimg.orgnstantly need to be measured in money or things (although if yours is then that’s fine!) it might be more time, a happy family or freedom.

In the soimg.orgmments: Ability + Motivation + Attitude = What? What’s your definition of success?