In my on-going series Things J.R.R. Tolkien has never before shelp, done, created or had anypoint to perform with (TThnsdwohatdw) I existing you via another misattributed quote: “”A single dream is even more effective than a thousand realities.” No, it is not by J.R.R. Tolkien yet by someone else and I will obtain to this in a moment – yet honestly, world. Even if JRRT had had a really sappy negative day he would not have actually written something favor this. Please review the Biography, Letters, at leastern his three major works The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion – and also you will realise he would certainly never have actually composed a line choose this. Disney would certainly have actually. And has actually done so, in a feeling.

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However before, if this is not a quote by the male himself where does it come from? I suppose, even WETA Workshop has provided it and also they should understand a thing or 2 on Tolkien, right?

Well, the thing is they are film equipments to a 100% – and past. And someone in their art department will have heard of Tom Jung, among the a lot of famed film poster developers in history. I intend, Peter Jackkid collects old film posters (anyone who has actually seen the Hoblittle bit sneak peek will have noticed his repertoire.) And Tom Jung is a master of his art – he is responsible, for instance, for the iconic Star Wars film posters (the genuine, old ones, not the crappy new ones.) When he was asked to do a version for the 1978 Ralph Bakshi variation of The Lord of the Rings he produced an outstanding item of art I had actually on my childhood bedroom wall for years (yes, it’s true!)

Unfortunately, someone wrote some major baloney as well onto the paint (that’s marketing for you and also those males haven’t learned anypoint ever before considering that, give thanks to you very much.)

One man cast a lingering spell of awe and wonder, of magical innocence overcoming evil, of straightforward courage conquering are afraid – he offered us the legend that will live forever in our minds.

J.R.R. Tolkien triumphed through the perception that a solitary dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.

Come to Middle-earth, a civilization past the furthest reaches of your creativity.

So, tright here you are. I have actually read rather a couple of publications by and on Tolkien and also I have actually asked human being that recognize a lot, a lot more than me on Tolkien – and none has ever heard Tolkien write or say somepoint as smarmy as this. Please don’t use it as a Tolkien quote anymore, give thanks to you.


“The Lord of the Rings” film poster, (c) Middle-earth Enterprises/ Tom Jung

Thanks go out to Pieter Collier, Becky Dillon, Alan Reynolds and many type of more for making me write this.

UPDATE Thanks to Alan’s comment I can plainly state the source of this quote – it is taken from Fanshawe, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s first publimelted novel (although anonymously at first in 1828). Thanks also to Darkrock at the TORn forums for finding the quote.

Fanshawe had actually hitherto understood himself unconnected via the people, Unpertained to in its feelings, and also uninfluenced by it in any of his quests. In this respect he probably deceived himself. If his inthe majority of heart can have actually been lassist open up, there would certainly have been found that dream of undying fame, which, dream as it is, is even more effective than a thousand realities. But, at any type of rate, he had appeared, to others and also to himself, a solitary being, upon whom the hopes and also fears of plain guys were ineffectual.

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(Emphasis added; quote taken from Gutenberg Project’s digital version of Fanshawe.)

UPDATE II I newly asked Ralph Bakshi for a talk about the origin of the quote and I actually received an answer!

Hello Marcel.Mr. Bakshi states the poster was assembled by the proclaiming department at United Artists. He thinks a copywriter tright here came up via that quote. Thank you for your interemainder in this film.Bakshi Studio

Well, unmuch less a miracle happens and someone that has actually worked via UA at the time actions forward this will be all I will certainly ever before find around it. I tried! (And thanks to Ralph Bakshi for answering!)

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