So I simply finished the Beatrice Letters and I took a crack at the anagram inside it. It never sassist that everywhere that we couldn't usage the exact same letters more than when.

So: I provided an anagram solver virtual and I experienced that one of the words you deserve to spell is actually "".

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After I observed the letter "B", I knew that "Beatrice" would certainly most likely be a word that could be spelled particularly after making use of the "Anagram" web page on this wiki and saw that "Baticeer" is an anagram for "Beatrice"

So I've involved the conclusion of: Beatrice

Feel cost-free to comment what you think the anagram spells and also whether or not you involved the same conclusion.

Beatrice Baudelaire
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I guess we're doing this (Thanks for the concept,

Reply to this message via any kind of examples of codes and ciphers (whether or not they're based upon ASOUE) you think are worthy of appearing right here. You can't write-up an instance you produced. Also feel complimentary to talk about and comment here—I'll include in this primary article web links to the individual messages which incorporate codes. Enjoy!


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So I acquired home and also then my bag was so hefty it was favor Madame Lulu’s crystal ball was in tbelow. Then I assumed of Olivia Caliban = Madame Lulu.

You know in TCC (Netflix) component 2? - sorry Lita - exactly how after Olithrough pushes Violet and also Klaus they shout for her and also then she says “I’m best behind you” and also then “I’ve been behind you all along”? I assumed that the last line tbelow was to let the Baudelaires know that she has actually been via them/watching over them for a while. Did you guys think anypoint of it or have any kind of other identifications concerning Madame Lulu? Let me know.

Like she was technically a guardian, wouldn’t you agree?

I recognize this is sort of an noticeable realisation but believed I’d share it.

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Oliby means of Caliban

Okay. We have to clear this up.
What is Beatrice Baudelaire II full name?

I understand there has actually been a short article previously (prefer waaaaaaay in the past) however some brand-new world have joined and brand-new theories are open up :)

I think of her complete name as Beatrice Baudelaire

But simply Beatrice Baudelaire II when I say it (or BB-2)

Beatrice Baudelaire II

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Dunhave the right to Isadora
Okay so recently I was going with the works of some less known eminent individualities and I came across an Amerihave the right to dancer Isadora Dunhave the right to. Do you think...2 of the Quagmire tripallows were named prefer that on objective or just a brilliant coinky-dink?

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Josehine's Paranoia and Grammar

I was rewatching ASOUE for the sixth time when I realised how they lacked to present exactly how well Josephine what coping with the schism. Throughout the moment we have actually via Josephine she is obsessed through grammar. Following the comment that V + K make about VFD developing key codes Josephine refprovides to response however for some reason she still holds on to grammar. This provides me think Josephine misses making key codes. The display doesn't reexisting this incredibly well yet you have the right to tell exactly how crazy she has actually become compared to the scene of the old VFD as soon as Count Olaf tries to kill Beatrice at the VFD party.

My final conclusion is: Josephine was hiding her inner true self bereason if she ever was to become fierce and also formidable aacquire (before she died) it would certainly remind her of all her friends who had periburned and all the memories lost.

And that's really sad :
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Okay, don't get me wrong I absolutely loved asoue however the ending didn't make feeling to me. Like, the way the sugar bowl was portrayed throughout...I believed something very crucial was kept in it. I still don't understand why they sindicate didn't take out the antidote from it and let Esme keep it. Also, if all were component of V.F.D. then why didn't they trust Esme to keep it safe? And the role of Beatrice Baudelaire II was so small. I wish they could expand it more. thoughts. Please let me recognize your opinions too o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

I have actually a theory that Count Olaf made a decision to obtain revenge on Lemony and Beatrice Baudelaire, so he collection fire to the Baudelaire mansion. He more than likely did it bereason Beatrice and also Lemony eliminated his father with the Poichild Darts, later on cite in The Penultimate Peril. He likewise set fire more than likely bereason Beatrice stole the Sugar Bowl from Esme, his girlfrifinish. He then pretfinished to be concerned the Baudelaires and came to be the Baudelaire children's guardian. He then intended to steal the Baudelaire fortune but was told by Mr.Poe that he can no longer become the Baudelaire children's guardian. Then, Count Olaf committed many type of crimes however fairesulted in acquire his filthy hands on the Baudelaire fortune because he passed away at The End. That's what I think. If you think I'm wrong or correct, please share in the comments. Thank you!

I suppose, it is the *censored (could be a spoiler)* statue, yet I would certainly prefer to hear theories. Do you think it’s excellent, or bad? There are many kind of reasons for your explacountry, feel totally free to rant.

Bombinating Beast

Olaf kbrand-new that if the Baudelaire's paleas passed away, he would certainly be their guardian. When they weren't looking, Olaf lit the home on fire.

Idk just a theory

Lemony knows what happened.

I was just re-watching the Miserable Mill last night, and also I started thinking about that can have actually started the Quagmire fire. The arsonist was in a auto at the time, with a newspaper extending their face and an arsonist disguise from the VFD kit.

On the page about the Quagmire Fire, it lists 4 suspects: The Man With Beard But No Hair and also The Woman With Hair But No Beard (The Sinister Duo), Esme Squalor and also Dr Orwell.

I have the right to view the Sinister Duo setting the mansion on fire, however I noticed that they always work together, and also only one arsonist was watched burning it down. However, one can have actually been keeping watch while the other melted it dvery own. Due to the fact that it is likewise listed that the Sinister Duo set fires to make orphans in order to get their hands on the fortune, it it pretty likely that they melted it down.

Many human being believed that the arsonist was Esme Squalor because of the fashionable outfit, however it was later revealed that it was an arsonist disguise from the VFD kit. Another reason for why it might have actually been Esme was bereason Jacques sassist the fire was the result of a stolen object (maybe the Sugar Bowl, which is related to Esme), a relocating violation (the schism?), a misdemeanor, 2 poiboy darts (choose the one provided to kill Count Olaf's father), 3 civil suits settled out of court and a murder. It was additionally said that should anypoint take place to the parents or the residence, Esme would be in charge of them.

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I didn't watch how it can be Dr Orwell, however as soon as I was reading around the Quagmire fire, it said that it was unwell-known wbelow she was once the mansion was burnt down, however later on joined Olaf in the mill, so wright here was she before then? Anvarious other suggest is that in the Paltryville photo of some VFD members, Dr Orwell and also the Quagmire paleas were the only ones alive at the time, through the rest being already dead.