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The San Mateo County Employee Wellness Program is an employee company whose primary objective is to add to organizational efforts that ensure a healthy and balanced and also abundant workforce. The regimen overwatch, mission statement and worths and also core competencies are gave as a separate record. Current programs and services are provided on the Event Calendar on the Wellness Program website, and also have the right to additionally be discovered under the “Browse for Training” tab on the County LMS.

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County LMS:




Developed by the County Wellness Committee in 2012.


WELLNESS PROGRAM Mission Statement: To add in the direction of structure a healthy and balanced, abundant workforce and making San Mateo County a good location to work. Tsoimg.orgough programs, solutions, plan development and regime planning, Employee Wellness will:

Improve employee wellness and well-beingEmpower employees tsoimg.orgough health and wellness education and learning and also lifestyle abilities that enable them to attain their ideal feasible healthPositively impact employee morale and also project satisfactionOptimize performance and also productivityProvide a valued, tangible employee benefit

WORK-LIFE SERVICES Mission Statement

To carry out work/life solutions and programs to employees and their household which:

Promote health and wellness and health of the family;Increase the employee"s capacity to fix family members issues; andEase the demands of balancing work-related and family duties.


Recognize that the composition of households is altering and also that household responsibilities are ending up being more complicated.Establish plans and programs that recognize and anticipate employee demands external the workarea. Provide equitable benefits to family members members consisting of spousage and dependents as well as domestic partners, kids of residential partners and also young adult dependents.Promote wide plans that assure that schosen benefits and also services are responsive to their needs.Communicate benefits indevelopment to employees, retirees and also their dependents, which allows them to tailor work/life programs to meet their needs.Empower employees and also family members via timely information and education and learning that contribute to their optimal health and also wellness.


Beginning in February 1981 as a pilot program, the Employee Health & Fitness Program initially worked via 1 FTE Management Analyst. Initial programs and also services consisted of Jazzercise team exercise classes, blood press screenings, Weight Watchers classes, selected wellness club discounts and also some recreational services. Tsoimg.orgoughout these early years, the Board apverified a number of special capital alareas for one-time projects, consisting of the first round of Wellness Screenings. Other notable accomplishments consisted of working with internal partners in 1984 to create the first cigarette smoking restrictions in the County. In 1988, the Program was assigned a modest budgain funded from a Trust Fund surcharge which led to increased trainings and also solutions and also a selection of screening programs. In the late 1980s, the Program assumed a major role in the advancement and also implementation of an extensive back safety regime, working via 5 high-hazard departments.

Tsoimg.orgoughout the 1990’s, the Program functioned in a typical hazard reduction design, which also included one-of-a-kind jobs tsoimg.orgough the County’s 3 clinical plans. Core emphasis locations included heart health and wellness, diabetes, depression, excessive weight, asthma and also medical consumerism. Health plan partners sponsored a number of trainings and also initiative tsoimg.orgoughout this duration, including Healthwise seminars, asthma self-administration trainings and a variety of habits wellness programs. These campaigns were schosen based upon health and wellness care claims and price motorists as well as national fads. The routine began working via the Health Department to offer employee flu clinics at assorted County areas. It aligned tsoimg.orgough the County Safety Program to develop a considerable ergonomics program and also assumed duty for ergonomics training efforts. Additionally, the County joined the Stanford Corpoprice Health Project as its only public sector member and also began participating in health research study tasks. Programmatic evaluations were able to effectively document cost-saving benefits for some of these campaigns, including publishing in nationwide wellness journals of the abovementioned back security regimen (Amerihave the right to Journal of Health Promotion) and asthma self-monitoring routine (Business Insurance). In addition, the County participated in the validation procedure for the nationally-recognized Stanford Presenteeism Scale.

In 1997, the County aligned via the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention to participate in a multi-year study research to validay the usage of nurse wellness counselors in enhancing health and wellness outcomes and reducing health and wellness costs. Over the following 10 years, the County and also Stanford worked together in sponsoring the Stanford HEAR2T Program, and were able to demonstrate significant affect of health and wellness counseling in helping high-risk employees to boost their wellness standing over time. When the main study / business relationship tsoimg.orgough Stanford ended in 2005, the County determined to proceed the program on its own, calling it the HEAR2T Program.

In 2009 the County began a procedure to change its emphasis from individual hazard reduction interventions to populace based programming and campaigns. Recommendations of a labor-management committee to alleviate County wellness treatment costs contained brief term remedies (arrangement consolidation, raised co-pays) to gain prompt essential funds and also lengthy term solutions that contained emerging a County Wellness Policy and also boosting workforce wellness indicators that would certainly alleviate the demand also for costly health and wellness treatment.

The County Wellness Policy was apconfirmed by the Board in April 2011, and the County Wellness Committee met for the first time in November 2011. In addition, the County leveraged its partnership via its 2 wellness plans to market amplified Wellness Rewards and additional branded tasks for employees. As of December 2014, 68% of present, energetic employees had actually participated in one or more Wellness Rewards – eligible activities.

Tsoimg.orgoughout this time, physical task challenges and weight loss difficulties were added to the organization delivery mix, leading to an uptick in participation. Instead of classroom exalters, participants associated via Employee Wellness Program staff by means of virtual wellness websites, weekly educational tips by means of email, and more newly, by leveraging Yammer, the County’s social media, to build a supportive social network-related.

In 2012, the Wellness Program assumed governmental oversight for Work-Life company vendors, including Employee Aid Program, Child Care Center(s) and also Tuition Aid, and College Coach. These enhancements significantly enhanced its modest efforts to day in supplying lactation solutions, prenatal education and learning and also parenting and also eldertreatment workshops for employees and also their family members.

In 2013, the Employee Wellness Program began decentralizing wellness trainings and also tasks, working upon research with interested Department Wellness Champions to bring preferred well-being classes to their departments at times/dates/areas that fit ideal with their operational schedule.

In 2014, the County participated in a pilot project tsoimg.orgough Jumpstart MD, a neighborhood medical weight management routine, in which a cohort of high hazard employees established by the County’s health coach were invited to take part in an 8-month routine (maintenance phase ends September 2015)

In October 2015, a labor-monitoring committee conceptually agreed to undertake a 3-year wellness motivation pilot routine. Up to this allude, the wellness plans assumed the financial cost of giving health incentives, and as the program ended up being more renowned, this commitment was fast ending up being unsustainable. The Committee’s agreement offers a cost-neutral solution tsoimg.orgough accessible funds dependent upon favorable County medical insurance boosts. When the blended County medical premium rise is below the blfinished Book of Business increase for the County’s health plans, the distinction in funds is obtainable to distribute as “Wellness Dividends” to subscribers and employee-dependents. The County learned in 2015 that the distinction in these two prices was 1.5%, and also from that, it calculated that the 2016 Wellness Dividfinish would certainly be $250. The Wellness Dividend is set to be re-calculated each year, based upon trend. The regime was imposed in January 2016.

All programs, services and activities are available to any type of benefits-eligible County or Court employee. Additionally, some programs are easily accessible to any kind of County or Court employee, regardless of advantage eligibility. If a program or task is performed during normal job-related hours (001 time), an employee have the right to get involved on County time via supervisor’s approval. Additionally, an employee is motivated to talk to his/her supervisor and research to change his/her job-related schedule so that s/he have the right to attfinish the regime or task on personal time.

There is no formal, continuous interaction strategy via retirees and also dependents. They are welcome and urged to attfinish classroom based trainings and also many tasks (other than Wellness Screenings). They are responsible for consulting the training calendar posted on the website for course days, times and places.


The County Wellness Committee is a volunteer organization that was developed as the result of the passage of the County Wellness Policy by the Board of Supervisors in April 2011. It hosted its first monthly meeting in November 2011. The County Wellness Committee is written of department representatives (“Wellness Champions”), management staff (soimg.org), County technological advisors and also regimen managers (e.g. Facilities staff, Food Services staff, Health Program staff, Safety Manager, Employee Engagement staff), and external merchants (CONCERN:EAP, Blue Shield, Kaiser). Employee institutions are invited to the meetings and obtain all basic correspondence. Tbelow are 80& members provided on the Committee roster, and also an average of 30-35 people are in attendance at each meeting.

The Committee’s major function is to overview implementation and monitoring of the County Wellness Policy by

engaging employees as partners in their wellness and well-being;offering a supportive occupational environment;committing organizational resources; andmaking the healthy and balanced option the straightforward choice.

From the oncollection, the Committee determined a number of tasks that it might sponsor to lug higher well-being visibility to the County company and to collaborate via interior technical professionals to obtain the projects applied and also completed:

Promoting Countywide / Departpsychological participation in Wellness Screenings and also Wellness Challenges;Making stairwells more appealing to usage by installing stairwell banners and also elevator signage;Increasing awareness of the Policy Nutrition Standards by conducting training for food purchasing decision-makers at the department level;Improving Wellness Communication via installment of Wellness bulletin boards for departments that wanted them;Increasing the variety of Lactation Rooms tsoimg.orgoughout the County;Ensuring healthier food options at vfinishing equipments, cafeterias and catering.

The Wellness Committee establiburned a sub-committee to construct a method to measure Wellness Policy compliance across all departments and all job-related locations. The Department Work Group

developed a “Culture of Health” Checklist that County departments voluntarily finish in rerevolve for receiving “Wellness Grants” (unminimal funds for Wellness tasks for their department). The 67-item Checklist aligns with the vital specifications of the County Wellness Policy.

Thstormy the “Culture of Health” Checklist process, we established a County Wellness Baseline by identifying mentioned “mandatory items” on the Checklist which Department had actually to be in compliance tsoimg.orgough as a problem of receiving Wellness Grant funds. The theory is that by creating a County Wellness Baseline, an employee visiting any type of of these County departments/divisions deserve to suppose to check out, feel and experience health in a continual means.

The Committee is responsible for regulating the compliance information and also security changes and improvements to the 67 signs over a tsoimg.orgee-year duration of time.

In 2016, twenty-5 County departments / departments submitted their “Culture of Health” Checklists and Wellness Plans, totaling 76 distinct job-related locations and affecting 4,700& employees. Over $48,000 was disbursed to these departments.

To support the Wellness Grantees, the Employee Wellness Program is functioning even more strategically via Department Wellness Champions to carry well-being programs, trainings and solutions directly to the departments. In 2015, half of all wellness trainings sponsored by the Employee Wellness Program were booked at the department level.

We proceed to testimonial the Wellness Policy to identify methods for healthy readjust and to monitor and also evaluate the initiatives now underway:

Sponsor Farmers’ Markets and also Mobile Produce Carts to boost access to healthier food tsoimg.orgoughout the workday, specifically at worksites where accessibility to healthy and balanced food is limited;Encertain that cafeterias and in-house catering are adhering to the pre-packaged snacks/beverage guidelines. Committee members actively monitor inventory on a quarterly/semi-annual basis. Recently, the merchants were asked to undertake a self-review procedure to identify healthier options of all set foods that are offered and to produce signage on menus and also displays to indicate such;Designate smoke-cost-free County property by supporting the initiatives of the Tobacco Prevention Program to amend the Smoking Control Ordinance. San Mateo County Health and Parks properties are smoke-free and also meetings are undermeans with other targeted departments to collection a timeline for making this vital change on a voluntary basis;Dedicated a one-mile walking loop roughly the County Government Center (Redlumber City) and also a walking loop at the Health Campus (San Mateo);Encourage efforts to create Healthy Breakroom environments; recent initiatives consisted of “Sweets Sweeps” at the departmental level by collecting unwanted candy tsoimg.orgoughout the Holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Csoimg.orgistmas) and donating it to the troops;Initiatives under development in 2016 includeadded activities sustaining the Healthy Breakroom Project, past Sweets Sweeps;implementing education and awareness initiatives and also supportive department efforts to encourage employees to take daily work breaks (“Take your Work break” initiative);Recognizing supervisors and also mid-managers who develop healthy and balanced work-related environments that assistance employee health, well-being and work-life balance;Developing emotional resiliency and mental wellness initiativesSponsoring family members fitness events, in this situation, a 5K family fun run / walk at a County park in July 2016

The Committee has actually a 5-year vision to secure staffing & sources to develop onsite Fitness Center(s) at major County worksite(s) and also to permit employees to use County time for physical activity (up to 3 hours/week).


In maintaining via the standard tenets of a Health & Productivity Health Management regimen, tright here are 4 core pillars for our efforts:

Ensuring Dedicated and Demonstrated Organizational Support & Commitment (“Culture of Health”)Keeping healthy human being healthy and balanced (>75% workforce is “low risk”)Getting unhealthy civilization to a healthier stateGetting everyone involved (>85% participation)

Tbelow are salso Health & Productivity Health Management missions that are measured and also reported on a semi-annual basis (2016):

Workforce Wellness Screening Goal: 2,500 employees or 50% of eligible employeesHealth Plan Engagement Goal: 40% of eligible employeesWellness Rewards: 40% of eligible employeesMedical Triage / Health Coaching Goal: 20% of Wellness Screening participants receive customized follow-up intervention(s) tsoimg.orgough phone or email.Completion Rate: >65% for health coaching% Departments via Wellness Champions: 85%% Departments receiving Wellness Grants: 60%

Tright here are 3 Wellness & Work-Life routine missions that are measured and reported on a semi-yearly basis:

Wellness & Work-Life Program Participation Goal – 4,000Customer Satisfaction Rating: >90% for classroom trainings and servicesSustainability Rating: > 90% of classroom training participants indicate that they are applying expertise or skills learned in the classroom training and also services after 30 days

We are working with our broker to develop a durable Wellness Dashboard.


The Wellness regime is funded by a premium fill to the Kaiser and also Blue Shield health premiums. Funds are maintained in a Trust Fund.

Additional one-time funds might be apshowed for one-of-a-kind tasks or pilot projects. Amounts vary from year to year.

Blue Shield and also Kaiser administer extra resources for branded solutions which are mutually established on an annual basis.

Work-Life Services are funded tsoimg.orgough the Employee Benefits Trust Fund.


1 FTE Person Reresources Manager I1 FTE Human Reresources Technician (Term)The Wellness Program has actually operated in its existing configuration for many type of years, relying on outside builders via technical field of expertise to carry out all routine services and also activities, developing a cohesive and also multi-disciplinary Wellness team. Independent Contracts for health and health professional staff, include but are not limited to Registered Dietitian, Exercise Specialist, Nurse Health Coach, Work-Life Education Coordinator, Massage therapist, Psychologist, Clinic Screening Vendor.In-Kind assistance provided by Public Health Services and also Family Health Services for onwebsite flu clinics and also lactation consultation/support.REWARDS and also RECOGNITION

The Employee Wellness Program has actually been recognized for its efforts to enhance employee health and wellness.

C Everett Koop National Health Award (finalist) – 1993State of The golden state Fit-Business Award – 2003Amerideserve to Heart Association Fit Friendly Company AwardGold Level – 2008, 2015Platinum Level – 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014STARS Award (Program Performance) – 2010, 2012, 2014

The regimen has been featured in a number of journal and organization write-ups. This information is gave on a sepaprice document.



In partnership tsoimg.orgough labor administration Benefits Committee, implement Benefits Crmodify / Wellness Dividfinish Program, as agreed upon for 3 years (“pilot program”)Evaluate Wellness Dividend Program for sustainability; take into consideration adding early on retirees as eligible participants; take into consideration phasing to physician-based Wellness Screening rather of sponsoring onwebsite Wellness Screening clinics.Finalize Program Dashboard and also linked metrics.Support annual priorities as establiburned by the Wellness Committee (view below)Encertain continuous resources for Wellness Grants to Departments past initial 3-year cycleIn partnership tsoimg.orgough labor-management Benefits committee, support initiatives to rise awareness and also provide education and learning to employees about wise clinical treatment utilizationIn partnership via Employee Engagement Committee, undertake project(s) of shared interest2016: Supervisor/Mid-Manager Recognition Program, 5K Family Fun RunWork tsoimg.orgough Contract Compliance staff to include nutrition standards in conventional County contract templates; occupational via Procurement / Controller’s Office to ensure that food purchases made with County credit cards satisfy nutrition standards;Re-create Fitness Testing Program (FITCheck) on an yearly basis;Re-establish Thank Goodness It’s Alcohol Free Happy Hours tsoimg.orgoughout December, possibly as a Wellness Committee projectApply for C.Everett Koop National Health Award or other nationwide health award


Support and also expand also farmers’ markets, mobile develop carts, and also food distribution services (e.g. virtual develop delivery, meal distribution and also CSAs) to worksites wright here accessibility to healthy and balanced foods items is limited;Support timeline to establish smoke-totally free campuses;Re-style Wellness Grants Program, based upon 3-year pilot routine outcomes and learnings; mitigate paperwork and also align initiatives with Committee’s vision:Employees watch, feel and also suffer Wellness during the workdayThe physical work-related atmosphere supports healthy behavior in the time of the workdayOur company supports healthy and balanced occupational methods and strives for work-life balance

In February 2016, the Wellness Committee figured out five priorities for programs, services and also outreach to work-related on in 2016:

“Take your Work break” InitiativeSupervisor / Mid-Manager Recognition ProgramMental Wellbeing / Emotional Resilience education and learning / awarenessFamily Fun Run – 5K Run / WalkSupporting and Furthering 5-year Vision / GoalsSecure staffing & resources to establish onwebsite Fitness Center(s) at significant County worksite(s)Use of County time for physical task (approximately 3 soimg.orgs / week)


Secure extra funding for child treatment tuition assistance regimen beyond present funding streamDevelop a series of 3-5 minute videos to educate employees around important advantage and way of life decisions connected via essential life events


The County Wellness Policy has actually determined tsoimg.orgee overarching wellness concerns that it looks for to positively influence. These 3 wellness concerns were schosen by the labor-monitoring health treatment committee in 2009:


In 2014, the County Wellness Committee established 2 5-year goals that it looks for to accomplish:

Secure staffing & resources to develop onsite Fitness Center(s) at major County worksite(s)Use of County time for physical activity (as much as 3 hours / week)

Right now, funding for the health incentive regime (“Wellness Dividends”) relies totally upon favorable health and wellness treatment utilization. However, the County has actually not invested any type of certain staffing nor resources to educate and rise awareness around proper utilization of medical treatment dollars. If the County is intfinishing to continue to tie wellness incentives to favorable clinical care experience, it must invest educational and informational sources to assist employees end up being much better consumers of health care dollars.

Within 3 years, the new Benefits Credit / Wellness Dividends Program will be evaluated for its financial viability and influence. Tsoimg.orgee changes have to be taken into consideration as additional avenues to favorably affect linked routine and also health and wellness care costs:

Adding at an early stage retirees (age Phasing out onwebsite Wellness Screening clinics, thereby ensuring that employees watch their medical professional for annual clinic tests.Single Vendor Wellness Platcreate to integrate metrics, analytics, digital health programs/solutions and also telephonic coaching and also develop a personalized and customized health experience for employees.

The re-introduction of onsite employee health and wellness centers, ideally coupled with a fitness facility or health facility, has been presented to be a cost-effective employee organization for employers who have actually made this commitment. There are existing examples of California counties where onsite health care services are offered, notably Santa Barbara and also Ventura, to further investigate the merits of doing somepoint below. (Limited health screening might be readily available in this venue).

The Wellness Program has actually worked in its present configuration for many type of years, relying on external builders tsoimg.orgough technical field of expertise to administer all routine solutions and also tasks, and creating a cohesive and also multi-disciplinary Wellness team. This dynamic is the result of incremental funding boosts and also commitments over time, and the basic reluctance to money brand-new County positions for the regimen. Looking ahead, it may be time to develop a various staffing pattern to better align via the long-range vision of the regimen.

Work-Life services and education and learning have actually been reputed vital in attracting and also retaining talent. At present, Work-Life services and education and learning are piecemealed, common by tsoimg.orgee soimg.org departments, and as a results gets afforded much less attention and also initiative. It would be useful to better align and integrate present solutions, assign added resources and also permit the program to fully build and implement a work-life strategy as defined by life events.

The interarea of health and employee engagement has actually been commonly researched and also reported on in journals and periodicals. Recognizing a wider perspective that supports and engages employees in systematic methods calls for “de-siloing” single-emphasis regimen interaction and rather creating an “impressive employee experience”. Efforts have to try to leverage employee-encountering programs in such a method that they occupational together to produce a much more holistic method to help employees realize their best potential. Some discussion has currently begun on just how we deserve to match, not compete for employee face-time.

The same holds true for just how we can even more successfully and strategically communicate with supervisor / mid-managers to encertain their support and also commitment with health efforts that the County is undertaking. This important segment of the workpressure gets bombarded via messeras, interactions and expectations from all levels of the County organization, yet may be the the majority of constrained in their response as a result of their frontline responsibility to ensure that the department meets its operational objectives. As with the holistic strategy with employees briefly outlined above, we need a similar de-siloed process tsoimg.orgough supervisors/mid-managers to control instrumental messperiods and also proccasion competition for their limited time.

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Corporate Stewardship provides an possibility for employees to serve the higher community. The County currently embraces corpoprice stewardship activities in an ad hoc fashion, offering charitable contributions, Second Harvest Food Bank, Children’s Fund back-to-college drive and also holiday drive, HeartWalk, Tip-a-Cop events, and department structure outreach. Many kind of private companies have produced a corpoprice strategy about corporate stewardship, by sustaining volunteering initiatives, fundraising initiatives, and branding the experience via t-shirts and also clothing that reinpressures the connection of the employee to his/her community. Pulling together teams of employees and also family members that wish to get involved in fundraising events, such as the Bay to Breakers, would certainly sell an outstanding possibility to expand our business presence in a lot the same means as we currently execute at the HeartWalk and also provide higher diversity and methods that better aligns via the interests and also perspectives of our varied workforce.