Who Swarm JR Ewing Fred Andrews?

What are the odds that I’m the just one here who’s old enough to remember the summer of 1980, and also the frenzy neighboring the potential murder of the star/villain of Dallas that we loved to hate? Never mind, let’s not go there.

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Riverdale has actually properly produced its very own frenzy through seakid 2’s premiere doubling season 1’s ratings. Either y’all can’t stand to see Luke Perry die, or those Netflix numbers were impressive over the summer.

But, not to issue, Archie turned superhero and also gained Fred to the one outdated hospital in Riverdale. Everyone in town quit by to support the Andrews males. Fred ongoing the Dallas meme through some desires that might or may not turn out to be truth. Veronica’s dad came residence and borrowed the Godfather’s moves. Cheryl establimelted that she’s now the Godmom of the Blossom clan. And this season’s substantial mystery for Bughead to make out over got off to a promising, if bloody, start.

Previously on Riverdale: Fred was shot at Pop’s diner after refmaking use of to let Hermione buy him out of their construction contract. Cheryl tried to kill herself, then decided to kill Thornhill, the family’s Gothic mansion, instead, by burning it to the ground. FP is going to jail, yet didn’t rotate in any type of Serpents, so they currently feel additional loyal to him and have inducted Jughead right into the gang, jacket and also all. Veronica and Archie slept together, however Betty and also Jughead were interrupted by the Serpents, after saying their “I love yous.”

In voice over, Jughead tells us that, the following morning after the season 1 finale, Riverdale is still the exact same ol’ very same ol’ haunted tvery own. Meanwhile, ondisplay we view Hermione Lodge, that has actually clearly had considerable work done on her challenge overnight. We see Betty lounging in bed. She sleeps in her pony tail, but let’s it gain loose when she’s relaxed. And we view Archie careening via town, driving Fred to the hospital, even though he doesn’t have actually a driver’s license, bereason he’s also dumb to wait for an ambulance.

Cole Sprousage reads the voice over with the utmany seriousness, which makes me wonder just how many kind of takes it took.

Archie drags Fred right into the hospital, wbelow the staff, dressed favor it’s the 50s, rushes him into surgery. There’s blood anywhere. EVERYWHERE. Archie is almost dripping with it. Fred leaves a vast trail of it behind him. I’m not certain which of them the apparent metaphor belongs to, or if it’s both, yet I’d save my distance, if I resided in Riverdale.

Betty’s acquired out of bed and tightened her high pony. She and also Alice are having actually breakquick and pointing out Bughead’s foiled attempt to have sex the night before. God, I love to check out these two actresses work together. The understated archness is choose watching two Katherine Hepburns going up versus each other.

Alice: If that beanie-wearing cad defiled you, at least please tell me that you were safe.

Alice: The apple doesn’t loss much from the tree, especially when there’s a snake curled up in its limbs.

I desire Alice’s writers.

While Alice and Betty are talking around the sex Betty didn’t have actually via her gang banger boyfriend, Hermione and Veronica are about to get right into it over the expensive champagne that mob princess Veronica snagged for breakquick, ruining Daddy’s homecoming surpclimb. Both are interrupted by the call that Fred’s been shot, so we’ll have to comment on Ronnie’s burgeoning alcoholism, Hermione’s excessive facial work-related and also glowing skin, and also Betty’s sadly extfinished virginity an additional time.

Betty calls Jughead, who’s continuing to be in the trailer. He hops on FP’s motorcycle to head to the hospital.

Everyone meets Archie in the hospital waiting room. He tells them what happened, pautilizing at a particular suggest in the story and obviously leaving a couple of details out. Jughead reassures him, giving him the superhero name Pureheart the Powerful (Archie’s comic book superhero name). Definite foreshadowing tbelow.

The moms kick into equipment following, via Hermione suggesting that Archie contact his mommy, and Alice arguing that this is all Jughead’s fault, as the proxy for the Serpents. Sins of the father, and all that.

Archie calls his mother, and does an admirable project via his euphemisms. KJ Appa nailed Archie’s eactivities throughout the episode.

Sheriff Keller arrives on cue, to pick up wright here Alice left off. He concerns Archie while Jughead sits through them. Archie insists that the shooter wasn’t a serpent, despite Keller’s leading inquiries. Keller asks Archie to fill in the gap in between as soon as Fred was swarm and the shooter left Pop’s that Pop missed, however Archie claims the shooter just left.

Archie asks Keller that he thinks did this. Keller give his standard “South Side low life druggie scum” answer. It’s approximately Jughead to ask if there might have actually been another motive besides basic robbery. Keller claims someone could have actually a grudge against Fred and also have actually offered robbery to disguise it.

After they’re done via Keller, Archie tells Juggie that Fred and also Hermione fired a bunch of Serpents newly. He’s worried that among them was angry sufficient to act on it. Jughead assures to investigate utilizing his Serpent contacts.

The doctor tells Archie that Fred is out of surgical treatment, however it will certainly be a while before he’s settled in a room. Veronica suggests that they go ago to Archie’s residence so that he can shower and change. Good idea, although I was sort of hoping that he’d spfinish a few episodes walking about extended in blood, given that we’re going darker this year on Riverdale.

Archie and V walk his dog, Vegas, while he tells her what a good father Fred is. V gets teary, bereason she realizes that Fred treats Vegas better than her own father treats her. When they obtain earlier, Archie takes a shower, and V joins him for some bloody morning after the shooting sex. Ew. The water is still turning red on the tub floor underneath them. I didn’t must see that. Or Archie acquiring his cast wet. He must have a plastic bag over it.

After the shower and also vampire sex, Archie finds Ronnie going through the garments Fred was wearing. She says that his wallet was missing. Archie has a melt down over it and tries to throw her out. V starts to leave, but then remembers that she’s a supportive girlfriend now. She insists on staying, and holds Archie while he cries his eyes out.

Kevin and Betty are chatting over their respective Serpent boyfriends (ex for Kevin) when Cheryl trots through the hospital corridor, accompanied by Penelope totally swathed in bandages. Cheryl’s still in her outfit from the night prior to. She tells them that a candle began the Thornhill fire, and also Penelope was severely burned saving Cheryl’s life.

Sheriff Keller rounds up every one of the usual suspects, and brings Archie in for a line up. Namong them have actually the unique bbest green eyes that the shooter did.

V asks Bughead to look for Fred’s wallet at Pop’s. They talk about whether the shooter might have actually taken the wallet as component of the robbery, removed the cash, and also then tossed the wallet. Jughead brings up his theory that this wasn’t a random robbery, but was maybe targeted at Fred personally. He gets dark and intense about it, however Juggie’s generally right once he assumes the worst around Riverdale.

Hermione goes to pray in the chapel, so Veronica, of course, assumes that her mommy ordered a hit on Fred. Her mommy wishes that they weren’t in a residence of God, so that she can slap Veronica. She settles for reminding her that Daddy will certainly be house shortly, and the rules WILL BE applied. Family first, sweetie.

When Bughead obtain to Pop’s, Jughead concerns Pop around the robbery. Pop claims that it wasn’t a robbery. Not a solitary penny was taken.

Jughead: (Snaps fingers.) I knew it. What kind of thief shoots up a joint and also doesn’t take a single dollar bill.

Pop: He wasn’t a thief. Over the years this place has been robbed many type of times. Bricks via the home windows even, during the riots. I’ve looked plenty of thugs in the eye. This guy, disclosed somepoint else. Darker. It was like the Angel of Death had actually concerned Riverdale.

Jughead: Geez, Pop, lighten up. You sound favor the cranky old guy in the Friday the 13th movies. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

More Pop Tate, please. That was a fabulous speech. And now we understand what movie franchise we’re in. Jughead sounded favor a hardboiled noir detective for a couple of minutes, also.

Pop asks the children if they’re hungry, and also Jughead remembers that he is in canon. OF COURSE HE’S HUNGRY! Betty got fed by Alice this morning, so she’s fine, but Juggie’s on his very own in the part of town that most likely doesn’t even have a complete grocery keep. Plus, he hasn’t eaten because last night.

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Betty takes the opportunity to bring up Jughead’s acceptance right into the Serpents. Juggie states he didn’t think he might say no. He’s not a Serpent. He’s going to remain at the trailer and also his foster household has actually agreed to cover for him. He wants to feel closer to his dad while his dad is in prikid. Fred’s shooting has moved home how much he misses his dad. Betty is still worried that he’ll obtain sucked into his dad’s way of living. She experienced just how a lot he liked the jacket and also the attention from the other Serpents.

Cheryl and also Mommy are in Penelope’s hospital room. Cheryl lays out some new ground rules. Penelope won’t ever before tell anyone that Cheryl collection the fire. The candle story is the official story, or else Cheryl will certainly tell everyone that Penelope actually ran back in to save the hideous household portrait. If Penelope talks, Cheryl will certainly tell everyone about what really occurred in the barn via Daddy. Penelope was abusive to Cheryl prospering up, so now she’s Cheryl’s bitch. Cheryl cuts off Penelope’s air supply for a minute to drive the point residence. Then preoften tends that everything is fine.