1. When it is costly or difficult to exclude someone that hasn"t paid to usage a particular goodfrom utilizing it, then that excellent is classified as beingA. unexcludableB. totally free riderC. public goodD. nonexcludable
2. A public good is a great that is ____________________, and hence is hard for industry producers tosell to individual consumers.A. excludable or rivalrousB. nonexcludable and also nonrivalrousC. excludable and also rivalrousD. unexcludable or unrivaled
3. In order for a great to be classified as ______________, once one perboy provides the good, othersare also able to usage it.A. nonrivalrousB. unrivalrousC. unexcludableD. nonexcludable
4. An individual that wants others to pay for public products, but plans to usage those products for theirown objectives, is frequently referred to as a ______________.A. tax evaderB. excludableC. complimentary riderD. nonexcludable
5. If huge numbers of people choose to behave as totally free riders,A. more of the public good will certainly be accessible for paying riders.B. the public great may never be provided.C. public products will conveniently be privatized.D. public domain modern technologies come to be more challenging to obtain.

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7. In the case of innovation, it deserve to periodically be rather challenging for ______________ to earn a____________ rate of rerotate from their inventions.A. individuals; highB. public investors; lowC. private investors; reasonableD. the entirety of society; high
6. Which of the following would most most likely be figured out as being the ultimate goal of publicpolicies that pertain to technology?A. to aid inventors earn higher rates of returnB. to assist inventors earn reasonable returnsC. to encourage a stream of innovations that monetarily advantage the inventor.D. to encourage a stream of creation that benefits the whole of society.
8. Market competition can carry out _______________ for _________________,A. uncontinual profits; firms with marketable patentsB. the essential incentive; discovering brand-new technologiesC. time; competitors to catch up through other"s inventionsD. None of the above.
10. A very innovative firm operating in a competitive industry will certainly usually haveA. a irreversible edge over its rivals.B. a lack of ability to earn reasonable profits.C. vast numbers of rivals catching as much as its creations.D. some time prior to rivals capture as much as its inventions.
9. Many kind of economic experts would certainly view sector competition as supporting the invention of newmodern technology because itA. offers a competitive edge over competitors for the long-term.B. motivates techniques of creating existing commodities at much less price.C. urges creation of products through preferable features.D. provides momentary above-normal revenues, and b and also c as well.

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11. Which of the adhering to would be classified as a positive externality?A. a surcharge for ambulance company is shifted to building taxesB. reselling outdated textbooks to under-funded public schoolsC. rerelocating government education subsidies for public schoolsD. converting a derelict empty lot to a public vegetable garden
12. For a negative externality, the __________________________ than the expenses applied on culture as atotality.A. personal prices of an activity are lessB. social expenses of an activity are lessC. exclusive benefits of an action are moreD. social benefits of an action are more
14. If a firm"s initiatives to be technologically innovative will produce a positive externality, then thatfirm will certainly likelyA. have actually more incentive to innovate to the degree that the entirety of culture desires.B. invest considerably more in its research study and advance tasks.C. have actually less inspiration to innovate to the extent that the totality of culture desires.D. demand even more financial resources investment to expand also its R&D tasks.
13. For a positive externality, _________________________than the social benefits.A. exclusive benefits of an activity are moreB. social benefits of an action are moreC. personal benefits of an activity are lessD. social prices of an activity are less
15. Which of the following would certainly some economists be likely to perceive as the many appropriatepublic policy response to a positive externality developed by the breakthrough of a extremely innovativenew technology?A. not taking into account the negative externality connected through social benefitB. not taking into account the positive externality connected through social benefitC. have reasonable prices of return not based on a notion of unearned social benefitsD. construct means to provide a greater share of the social benefits to the innovator
17. Once its patent application has actually been accepted, a firm is able to earn ________ on its product,which ___________________________________.A. an raised price of return for investors; raises doubts additionally R&D activitiesB. more profit; will permit it to recuperate the biggest slice of the social value createdC. monopoly profits; supplies an motivation for research study and breakthrough to take placeD. competitive profits; creates incentive for proceeding innovative R&D projects
18. If an different policy might encourage both _____________________, rather of________________________, consumers would certainly advantage.A. creation and competition; creation and monopolyB. invention and monopoly; development and also public fundingC. creation and also monopoly; innovation and competitionD. creation and also competition; development and also public funding
19. If the government transformed its innovation patent plan from a monopolistic policy to acompetitive plan, then consumersA. would face better prices and also much less quantity in the long-run.B. would certainly face reduced prices and also less amount in the short-runC. would benefit from the reduced price and better amount sold.D. would advantage from reduced prices as a result of increased public investments
20. Ideally, a patent must cover a lengthy enough duration of time for the inventor to _______________,yet that period need to not be so long that it allows the inventor to _____________________________.A. earn a hearty return; charge a high monopoly price permanentlyB. add to the social interest; only get a slice of the social benefitsC. earn a price of return; prevent wide public accessibility to classical worksD. add to the social interest; prevent wide public accessibility to inventions
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