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‘a crime syndicate’‘In larger transactions, a syndicate of undertaking capital residences or personal equity firms might integrate to provide the equity finance.’‘The new undertaking will certainly deliver commercial building investment avenues in Ireland and also awide to Irish individual, syndicates, intermediaries and also advisers.’‘Bonds deserve to be issued through people or syndicates.’‘Servicing the debts will obviously involve a net move from the firm to the syndicate of lenders, not the shareholders.’‘It is a lucrative service for the syndicate involved.’‘So far as the individual syndicate was involved, the effect of the spiral was to magnify many kind of times the affect of a certain loss.’‘The furthering of farming negotiations financed by joint-stock service providers, syndicates, and also people symbolized the beginning of a conceptual triumph over the long-standing tradition of piracy.’‘Most land also is private property and owned by big business syndicates and individuals.’‘We have actually not explored the means in which approximates were made by individual syndicates or individual auditors.’‘Individual private investors tend to buy either on their very own, or in syndicates organised by intermediaries via approximately 20 investors in any type of one deal.’‘The 270 members of the Chamber of Counselors are schosen by neighborhood councils, experienced establishments, and also labor syndicates for nine-year terms.’‘Some of these syndicates provide a taxation advantage, enabling people to invest with their pension contributions.’‘The relocate came after 3 syndicates revealed a linked complete burden of £135m for clintends.’‘Accountcapability was additionally non-existent and officials became straightforward targets for organised crime syndicates.’‘The police say tright here are 238 criminal syndicates operating in the country and throughout its boundaries.’‘He said the suspect was a member of an international drug syndicate.’‘Most of the activity is initiated by injuries, assorted rumors, and also betting syndicates.’‘By contrast, the syndicates of personal investors have come to be more ambitious.’‘But there are cheaper methods of ownership, such as joining a syndicate.’
business, location of company, premises, firm, company, concern, enterpclimb, endeavor, company, operation, undertaking, industry
1.1An association or firm offering product all at once to a number of newspapers or periodicals.
‘In the human being of newsrecords, a syndicate distributes indevelopment to subscribers, permitting each publication to tailor the content of information it receives.’
‘At any kind of rate, its project against me contained flash-floods of e-mail intfinished to shut down servers at my newspaper and also my syndicate, and viroffers aimed at my residence computer.’‘At any type of rate, I was a bit worried all day that I was going to shed my hall pass, and kept asking my friends who have real work through newsfiles and syndicates and such if they had actually an extra holder, to no avail.’‘The mushrooming of political parties, syndicates, and also newsdocuments signals a nclimb political pluralism upon which democracy deserve to be constructed.’‘There"s a widespread perception in the West that the only method to end up being a financially effective cartoonist is to gain the newspaper syndicates to pick you up.’‘Are these stories produced in your area or execute they come from other resources such as syndicates, wire services or other newspapers?’‘No newspaper or syndicate in their best mind should be letting this hateful attempt at humor grace their pperiods.’‘Ironically, virtual news sites end up being also more dependent on news agency wholesalers and also attributes syndicates to fill the expanded news hole.’‘Almethods the editor is responsible for touching the moral line with the writer, members say, whether that is an editor of a single newspaper"s editorial web page or of a syndicate.’‘In the meanwhile, newsfiles are in trouble and are all as well happy to pick up criticism from their affiliated syndicates.’‘He promptly sent ‘The Boondocks’ off to make the rounds of the news syndicates, and also Universal picked him up.’‘Undoubtedly, Stromberg cites Aaron McGruder"s ‘The Boondocks’ as a major challenge to the old human being order of cartoon syndicates.’‘His syndicate decreased to publish the second of the 2 columns.’‘The editor at your syndicate said that of the 6,500 subgoals they obtain every year, they take just two or three.’

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society, association, union, alliance, institution, league, guild, coalition, affiliation, consortium, fraternity, order, body, community, club, syndicate, circle, lodge, clan, set, clique, coterie