Whether you’re a job monitoring rookie or veteran, you’ve probably heard of a gantt chart. While a gantt chart could seem intimidating, they’re not as mystifying as you might think. 

In this guide, we’ll cover whatever you must know around a gantt chart—from its meaning and also parts to pros and also cons and side-by-side comparisons to various other choices. You’ll learn what a gantt chart is and just how it works, plus why so many kind of task groups use gantt charts in job management.

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Watch this video for a quick breakdvery own of the basics.

What is a gantt chart?: Definition & overview

A gantt chart is a horizontal bar chart provided in task management to visually recurrent a job plan over time. Modern gantt charts typically show you the timeline and status—and also who’s responsible—for each job in the task.

Here’s a quick look at the details a gantt chart enables you to capture at a glance:

How a job breaks down right into tasksWhen each job will start and endHow lengthy each job will takeWho’s assigned to each taskHow work relate to and also depfinish on each otherWhen crucial meetings, approvals, or deadlines must happenHow job-related is proceeding in a projectThe complete project schedule from start to finish

In other words, a gantt chart is a super-straightforward means to interact what it will require to supply a job on time and budgain. That means it’s a entirety lot easier to store your task team and also stakeholders on the very same web page from the get-go. 

The simplest way to make a gantt chart

Easy drag and also drop functions with templates for much faster scheduling. Plan a task in minutes, collaborate conveniently as a team, and also switch to calendar and also list views in a single click.

Create your free plan

How to check out a gantt chart

Gantt charts may seem complicated at first. But when you learn the basics, you’ll have the ability to review and also create a gantt chart quickly and also tell exactly wbelow your projects are and also what needs to happen to overview them to success.

Elements of a gantt chart

Reading a gantt chart really comes dvery own to expertise how the various aspects come together to make a gantt chart work. 

Let’s review some standard terminology so you understand the essential components of a gantt chart and how they feature in a task plan:

Task list: Runs vertically down the left of the gantt chart to describe job work and may be organized into teams and also subgroupsTimeline: Runs horizontally across the peak of the gantt chart and reflects months, weeks, days, and also yearsDateline: A vertical line that highlights the present date on the gantt chartBars: Horizontal markers on the appropriate side of the gantt chart that represent work and display development, duration, and also start and also end datesMilestones: Yellow diamonds that contact out major occasions, dates, decisions, and deliverablesDependencies: Light gray lines that affix jobs that need to happen in a specific orderProgress: Shows exactly how much along work is and also may be indicated by percent complete and/or bar shadingReresource assigned: Indicates the perkid or team responsible for completing a task

Here’s a gantt chart through these components highlighted. This gantt chart highlights 8 features eexceptionally gantt chart have to include:


What is a gantt chart provided for?

Gantt charts are offered for planning and scheduling jobs in job management. A gantt chart is exceptionally useful because it permits you to simplify complicated jobs into an easy-to-follow plan and track the condition of tasks as work progresses. 

Gantt charts additionally assist you keep track of job deadlines, milestones, and hours functioned so you can spot and also deal with delays or overages prior to they wreak havoc on your project.

The history of gantt charts

The first task administration chart was developed by Karol Adamiecki in 1896. So why isn’t it called an Adamiecki chart? Good question!

Here’s a quick history of gantt charts:

1896: Karol Adamiecki creates the first project monitoring chart: the Harmonogram, a precursor to the modern gantt chart.1931: Adamiecki publishes the Harmonogram (however in Polish via restricted exposure).1910-1915: Henry Gantt publishes his very own job administration mechanism, the gantt chart.Today: Gantt charts are the desired tool for controlling projects of all sizes and kinds.

Who provides gantt charts?

Gantt charts are advantageous in nearly any market. Here are just a couple of forms of groups and providers that use gantt charts to plan, schedule, and execute their projects:

Want to view how gantt charts use to different jobs and industries? Check out these gantt chart examples.

When must you use a gantt chart?

So just how carry out you know when to usage a gantt chart to regulate your project? We think a gantt chart’s handy for any kind of project through a plan! But below are a couple of certain indicators you’re going to require a gantt chart to acquire the project done.

If ANY of these are true about your job, use a gantt chart:

Your project has actually a hard deadline.Multiple world or groups are involved in the project and also must be coordinated.A boss, client, or team member wants to see a visual timeline of the job from start to end.Your task entails also just a little intricacy, such as work that should be done in a certain order.Team members job-related on multiple tasks at a time, and you should regulate their workloads.You have actually an excellent idea of about exactly how long each task should or can take.

How does a gantt chart compare to other alternatives?

Project managers usage a variety of tools—from gantt charts and also kanban boards to spreadsheets and also job lists—to keep up via project details, deadlines, and to-dos. 

Here’s what separates gantt charts from the rest of the pack once it pertains to time-sensitive or complex jobs.


The comparichild is clear: Spreadsheets, kanban boards, and also jobs lists autumn brief once it involves vital project management work, like building a timeline, outlining dependencies, and regulating worklots.

Without these 3 gantt chart attributes, you’ll have a challenging time connecting the setup to your team, clients, and also stakeholders and answering simple concerns like:

Can we take on even more work?How will we acquire from point A to suggest B?What requirements to happen first?Can we accomplish a requested deadline?Who has actually the bandwidth to tackle these tasks?Are we on track to complete on time?How are we performing?

The good news is, you can usage a gantt chart without foregoing other choices. Your team may choose kanban boards for controlling everyday tasks or using a spreadsheet to develop a RACI chart, and also that’s okay. 

With soimg.org, you’ve acquired selections. View and also manage projects as a gantt chart, task list, calendar, or kanban board, and also upfill crucial spreadsheets to the job records. No matter how you look at points, everything ties ago to your setup.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how a gantt chart can assist you control tasks better.

Gantt chart pros and also cons

What’s to love around gantt charts? And what should you be conscious of before diving in? Here’s a quick snapshot of the pros and also cons so you deserve to decide if a gantt chart is appropriate for your tasks.

What are the pros of using a gantt chart?

A gantt chart is prefer a front-row seat to the task action. All the tiny details you never before noticed from the nosebleed section all of a sudden pertained to life in full shade best prior to your very eyes. It’s virtually impossible to miss a game-changing move!

Let’s discover some of the best gantt chart pros in job management.

Visualize your whole project

A project setup is one point. How it plays out is one more. A gantt chart gives you a start-to-finish see of your whole job timeline so you have the right to check out exactly how tasks are proceeding in genuine time. That means you deserve to administer up-to-the-minute standing reports to managers and also stakeholders in a flash.


See how work are connected

Let’s confront it: Things change. Lucky for you, modern-day gantt charts make it straightforward to transition work about without breaking your stride. With dependencies—a star function of any kind of gantt chart—you have the right to store tasks connected also once your timeline provides you the ol’ switcheroo.

Keep everyone on the very same web page and on time

Clear interaction is a must-have in any type of job. Without it, you danger job delays and expense overruns. Web-based gantt charts, like soimg.org, ensure no one’s left in the dark. That’s because all your project info and also discussion threads live in one main hub that everyone can access, making team participation a breeze.

Know who’s busy and who isn’t

If you desire to make smart company decisions, you’ve acquired to have actually a great understand on your sources. With gantt charts, reresource administration is no longer a guessing game. You deserve to see who’s gained bandwidth to take on new tasks at a glance.

See a complete list of gantt chart benefits.

Do gantt charts have limitations?

Some folks think gantt charts are also complicated to develop, read, and also upday. While conventional desktop apps have actually their constraints, the majority of of the cons human being associate through gantt charts don’t apply to the virtual gantt chart software program you’ll discover today.

That’s bereason modern gantt charts ushered in a totality brand-new era of job administration. Now gantt charts offer clean and easy architecture with drag and also drop scheduling so you have the right to build and change project plans in an instant. And bereason whatever happens online, it’s basic to share plans, collaboprice on job-related, update tasks, and track progress in real time.

Let's look at just how modern-day gantt charts compare to standard desktop apps. 

Modern gantt charts vs. desktop apps

Gantt charts come in many kind of forms—from good old-fashioned paper to desktop apps and even web-based software application.

Bringing gantt charts virtual transcreates them from a static document that easily becomes obsolete to a living, collaborative depiction of a project’s existing state. Team members deserve to update their progress in actual time, and stakeholders can inspect in on job condition without having actually to go through you. Plus, it's simple to continue to be in sync and also press projects throughout the finish line even more conveniently.

See exactly how soimg.org’s contemporary gantt chart tool compares to 2 well-known desktop apps:

Modern functions to look for in a contemporary gantt chart

A great modern-day gantt chart need to be a part of a finish task administration solution. Look for these advanced gantt chart software features to encertain your team and also jobs stay on track:

Team collaborationMultiple task views, consisting of kanban boards, task lists, and also calendar viewsReportingTime tracking and also hourly estimationWorkpack managementMobile accessIntegrations

soimg.org has actually every one of this! Try it for complimentary.

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Continue learning about gantt charts

Now that you’ve got the gantt chart basics dvery own, you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and also create a gantt chart of your own! Keep reading to learn what you have to get started and also just how to develop a gantt chart that provides your following job a breeze.