1. A firm’s dividfinish payments much less any kind of net new equity raised is referred to as the firm? 2. Which among these is a correct meaning 3. Sanessential Inc. has actually current assets of $5,000,net solved assets of$23,000,existing liabilities of$3,500 and also lengthy term debt of $7,900 What is the value of the shareholder’s equity account for this firm? How a lot is the net functioning funding 4. During 2015, Rainbow Umbrella Corp. had actually sales of $750,000. Cost of items offered, administrative and also marketing prices, and depreciation costs were $610,000, $125,000, and $170,000, respectively. In enhancement, the company had actually an interemainder price of $60,000 and a taxation price of 35 percent. (Ignore any tax loss carryearlier or carryforward provisions.) What is the company’s net earnings for 2015? 5. Projected future financial statements are dubbed 6. Sanvital Inc. has actually current assets of $6,000,net addressed assets of$23,200,present liabilities of$5,600 and lengthy term debt of $13,600 What is the value of the shareholder’s equity account for this firm? How a lot is the net working capital 7. Shelton, Inc., has actually sales of $407,000, prices of $195,000, depreciation price of $60,000, interest price of $41,000, and also a taxation price of 30 percent. What is the net revenue for the firm Suppose the firm paid out $50,000 in cash dividends. What is the enhancement to maintained revenue 8. Throughout the year, the Senbet Discount Tire Company had gross sales of $1.26 million. The firm’s cost of goods offered and also marketing expenses were $545,000 and $235,000, respectively. The firm additionally had notes payable of $1,000,000. These notes carried an interemainder rate of 5 percent. Depreciation was $150,000. The firm’s taxation rate was 35 percent What was the firm’s net income? What was the firm’s operating cash flow? 9. Ratios that meacertain a firm’s ability to pay its bills over the brief run without undue stress are recognized as: 10. A firm has a complete debt ratio of .47. This means the firm has actually 47 cents in debt for eexceptionally 11. Ratios that measure how properly a firm’s management offers its assets and also equity to generate bottom line net revenue are known as _______ ratios. 12. A firm has actually complete debt of $1,290 and also a debt-equity ratio of .31. What is the worth of the complete assets 13. The quick proportion is measured as 14. The Purple Martin has actually annual sales of $4,700, full debt of $1,230, full equity of $2,300, and a profit margin of 6 percent. What is the return on assets? 15. The receivables turnover ratio is measured as 16. If a firm produces a return on assets of 15 percent and also likewise a return on equity of 15 percent, then the firm 17. The full ascollection turnover ratio steps the amount of 18. The present ratio is measured as 19. Al’s Sport Store has sales of $2,860, expenses of items marketed of $2,020, inventory of $508, and accounts receivable of $404. How many days, on average, does it take the firm to market its inventory assuming that all sales are on credit? 20. A firm has a debt-equity ratio of .43. What is the total debt proportion 21. Which statement expresses all accounts as a portion of complete assets 22. Galaxy United, Inc. 2009 Income Statement What is the return on equity for 2009 23. If Wilkinkid, Inc., has an equity multiplier of 1.48, full ascollection turnover of 1.8, and a profit margin of 5.8 percent, what is its ROE? 24. The financial ratio measured as net revenue divided by sales is recognized as the firm’s 25. The financial ratio that actions the bookkeeping profit per dollar of book equity is described as the 26. Puffy’s Pastries generates 5 cents of net income for eextremely $1 in equity. Hence, Puffy’s has 27. If stockholders want to recognize how a lot profit the firm is making on their whole investment in that firm, the stockholders must describe the: 28. The the majority of efficient strategy of directly evaluating the financial performance of a firm is to compare the financial ratios of the firm to: 29. Which one of these equations is an accurate expression of the balance sheet 30. The financial statement summarizing a firm’s accountin…

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