As the team at Oonaa recently included the ability to analyse the tone of language provided by participants in a meeting we wanted to run an experiment. It"s challenging to gain people to organize a long meeting and then have actually it analysed and then publish the outcomes. Bearing that in mind we believed it would certainly be interesting to treat a movie as a meeting and also then use tonal evaluation on the speech of the participants and also see if it agrees with our very own perceptions of the personalities.

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The movie liked was "A Couple of Good Men" with Jack Nicholboy as the crusty colonel who stands on the line so we have the right to all sleep safely unmuch less we obtain on his nerves. We took the 5 primary personalities and also extracted their speech and ran it with Oonaa as a meeting. Oonaa did tonal analysis of each participant.

The major characters we looked at are :

Lt Jo Gallomeans = Inexperienced female naval lawyer deffinishing marines. Demi Moore.

Lt Kaffee = More skilled naval lawyer defending marines. Tom Cruise.

Lt Sam Weinberg = Researcher assisting the defence lawyers. Kevin Pollak.

Captain Ross = Prosecution lawyer, smug. Kevin Bacon.

Col Jessep = Experienced crusty colonel running naval base. Very macho. Jack Nicholboy.

The first point our program does for any type of meeting is to geneprice a malfunction of wright here the moment went per topic and per speaker. The topics were preferred by ourselves simply to break up the movie comparable to agenda items.

Anyone who has watched the movie will certainly remember Jack Nicholson"s performance so one surpincrease here is exactly how little bit he speaks. Only 16.3 minutes out of 117 minutes of these primary characters speaking. The hero, Kaffee (Tom Cruise) of course speaks the most adhered to by Jo (Demi Moore) as the junior lawyer. Col Jessep comes third just ahead of Ross the prosecution lawyer. Of the entire movie many human being remember Jessep heralding "You can"t manage the truth" as the stress peaked in the last courtroom scene. It is possibly one of the a lot of famous movie scenes of all time and was done in 3.2 minutes by Jack Nicholson.

Our main objective wregarding watch if the tonal evaluation of the language was consistent through the basic impression of the characters in the movie.

Consider the Analytical plot. It plots scores based on the language they provided as soon as they spoke so it evolves over time. It reflects Kaffee and also Jessep pretty a lot neck and neck as one can suppose of the 2 major opposing personalities. The junior lawyer, Jo, gets even more analytical in her language as the movie progresses and also so does the assistant, Sam. The only standout is the prosecution lawyer who is portrayed as always one step behind so necessarily much less analytical in his language perhaps as he has actually nopoint to prove and also expects to win easily.

The Anger picture appears constant in that Jessep is mainly the smiling cool headed old dog of battle till he loses it near the finish. The more junior officer, Kaffee maintains a greater level of anger as he tries to stop damaging his career or being court martialled whilst still doing the ideal thing for the defendants.

On the Confidence plot no surpincrease that Jessep is continuously even more confident than Kaffee and also likewise that the junior lawyer, Jo, starts out lacking in confidence however enhances in the time of the movie. The Fear graph additionally has actually Jessep via far much less fear than Kaffee who of course is fighting the whole army machine to lug down this senior officer and those who are spanning up for him so Tom Cruise is fighting against destructive odds. Jessep of course is complacently marching in the direction of his own death.

The Delight plot is much less clear cut but seems to have actually Kaffee and also Jo peaking at an early stage and declining as they realise it will be a hard situation. Jessep gets more happy appropriate up till he gets his comeuppance so usual tale of hubris. The Sadness plot does not tell us much other than that Jessep offers words regarded Sadness even more than the rest. This is probably once he"s feigning worry for the marines and explaining what a hard life it is being a marine and standing on the line and so on.

The Tentative plot is continual through the Happiness plot in that it has actually the defence team of Jo, Sam and Kaffee acquiring more tentative as the situation wears on and also they realise just how tough it will certainly be to win. Naturally that all goes right into reverse when they have established the key to bringing Jessep down as they relax discovering the movie will have actually a happy ending.


Considering the tonal analysis software application deserve to just work through the language provided and also has no idea of say Jack Nicholson"s menacing leer once he asks you to take a seat it does surprisingly well at unspanning the broad tones shown by the personalities. The tonal numbers in the evaluation need to be thought about meaningless in isolation yet beneficial once you compare versus a cohort or over time.

If you had actually one hundred salesmen functioning the phones and also 5 continuously had greater scores for Confident and Anger you might want to investigate even more. Similarly if you had actually 20 managers holding weekly meetings you"d more than likely desire to investigate the a lot of tentative ones as they are probably underoffering the corporate message. Things prefer Sadness and also Fear are most likely most valuable once you obtain readings over time as they may be a reasonable proxy for staff morale or at least exactly how people are talking around points. If you monitored many task meetings these metrics can serve as warning flags for when certain tasks were losing momentum or looking less most likely to succeed.

Hopetotally this gives a brief demonstration of what tonal analysis of language can execute. If you want to check out the whole document of their text and also scores it is accessible here and the tonal stuff is at the end. It is not complete movie script as it is just optimal 5 characters.

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Movie dialogue of primary 5 characters

More information about Oonaa and also our meeting software program is accessible here


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Felix Arons
This surely is an amazing demonstration of what AI in the form of tonal analysis of language deserve to execute. It would be interesting to learn exactly how this might be enhanced and also complemented through evaluation of facial expressions and gestures. Your selection of this film and also these pieces of speach made me wonder if these are the best examples to analyse given that the emotional arch of the personalities is dependent on a lot more than just the dialogue via the counterparty they are having at any given minute. There are also other determinants, such as the judge, the witnesses and their ultimate missions. I would be fascinating to view how you would certainly use this to assorted service scenarios.