A spin-off of "The Cosby Show" finds Denise Huxtable on her own at Hillmale College. Although Denise only continued to be at college for one year, numerous of her core of classmates stuck it out for the sitcom"s six-year run.

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Episode 1

We"ve Only Just Begun

Thu, Sep 19, 1991 30 mins

A surprise wedding announcement and a mix-up through a ring leave student Dwayne in a state and counselor Whitley starry-eyed. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardiboy. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis.

Episode 2

The Dwayne Mutiny

Thu, Sep 26, 1991 30 mins

Lena (Jada Pinkett) leads a mutiny in Dwayne"s calculus course once he goes overboard with classroom technique. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardichild. Ron: Darryl Bell. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis. Freddie: Cree Summer.

Episode 3

Home Is Where the Fire Is

Thu, Oct 3, 1991 30 mins

Other commitments make Whitley and also Kim lax in the running of the dorm, which is running amok. Dean Barksdale: Roxie Roker. Fireman: Michael Milhoan. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Kim: Charnele Brown. Lena: Jada Pinkett.

Episode 4

Ala lot of Working Girl

Thu, Oct 10, 1991 30 mins

At her temp task via Whitley"s company, Freddie voices her views on Affirmative Action to the personnel manager (Beverly Todd). Prof. Foster: Roscoe Lee Browne. Freddie: Cree Summer. Whitley: Jasmine Guy.

Episode 5

In the Eye of the Storm

Thu, Oct 17, 1991 30 mins

A hurricane heading towards Hillmale has everyone safe at the Pit, other than Freddie and Ron, that are trapped in the radio station. Freddie: Cree Summer. Ron: Darryl Bell. Col. Taylor: Glynn Turman. Whitley: Jasmine Guy.

Episode 6

Rule Number One

Thu, Oct 24, 1991 30 mins

Dwayne provides Lena (Jada Pinkett) personal attention to aid her with calculus, and also she takes it personally; Ron tries to market beauty commodities. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardiboy. Ron: Darryl Bell. Whitley: Jasmine Guy.

Episode 7

Baby I"m a Star

Thu, Oct 31, 1991 30 mins

A star is born: Kim is hired as lead singer for Ron"s band also and also her talent burns bright, however it additionally burns Ron. Larry: Julius J. Carry III. Kim: Charnele Brvery own. Ron: Darryl Bell. Col. Taylor: Glynn Turguy. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis.

Episode 8

Liza Who-Little

Thu, Nov 7, 1991 30 mins

Jasmine Guy has actually a dual duty as Whitley and her cousin Liza, a girl of suggests that implies to make Ron (Darryl Bell) hers. Kim: Charnele Brvery own. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardison. Lena: Jada Pinkett. Mr. Gaines: Lou Myers.

Episode 9

To Tell the Truth

Thu, Nov 14, 1991 30 mins

Dwayne (Kadeem Hardison) becomes friends with a fellow graduate student he likes---maybe because she"s not much prefer Whitley (Jasmine Guy). Kim: Charnele Brown. Freddie: Cree Summer. Ron: Darryl Bell.

Episode 10

Do You Take This Woman

Thu, Nov 21, 1991 30 mins

Dwayne rethinks his second thoughts once his mother and dad (Patti LaBelle, Harold Sylvester) arrive to accomplish Whitley"s folks (Diahann Carroll, Ron O"Neal). Dwayne: Kadeem Hardiboy. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Ron: Darryl Bell.

Episode 11

Mammy Dearest

Thu, Dec 5, 1991 30 mins

On the eve of Whitley"s dedication of Height Hall, her family tree is shaken, and down drops a negative apple; Kim (Charnele Brown) is sour about an African-Amerideserve to stereotype. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Lena: Jada Pinkett.

Episode 12

12 Steps of Christmas

Thu, Dec 19, 1991 30 mins

Whitley, Dwayne and also the bickering Taylors are together for Christmas dinner on what"s anypoint however a silent night. Dr. Langhorn: Debbie Allen. Col. Taylor: Glynn Turmale. Terrence: Cory Tyler. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis.

Episode 13

Just Another Four Letter Word

Thu, Jan 2, 1992 30 mins

Ron and Dwayne should huddle in a campus-defense cell with 3 white students from a rival school after a racial confrontation following a footsphere game. Ron: Darryl Bell. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardichild. Demarco: Ernie Sabella.

Episode 14

The Cat"s in the Cradle

Thu, Jan 16, 1992 30 mins

Ron is a guy without a band as soon as situations mute his music career; Freddie is crazy for her new man, Shazza Zulu. Ron: Darryl Bell. Freddie: Cree Summer. Clint: Michael Ralph. Marvin: Tom Alan Roberts.

Episode 15

Prisoner of Love

Thu, Jan 23, 1992 30 mins

A handsome young guy (Victor Love), who states that he"s done time, aspires to attend Hillguy. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Freddie: Cree Summer. Lena: Jad Pinkett. Ron: Darryl Bell. Kim: Charnele Brown. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardichild.

Episode 16

Bedroom at the Top

Thu, Jan 30, 1992 30 mins

Whitley voices her grievance once she is sexually harassed by the vice-president of finance, however no one buys it. Joh: Tom Wbest. Mr. Krum: Gerrit Graham. Miss Lopez: Luisa Leschin. Whitley: Jasmine Guy.

Episode 17

May the Best Man Win

Thu, Feb 13, 1992 30 mins

Whitley (Jasmine Guy) plunges into Byron"s project, while Mr. Gaines might be brushed up out of his kitchen as soon as a burger chain buys the Pit"s lease. Byron: Joe Morton. Mr. Gaines: Lou Myers. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardiboy. Lena: Jada Pinkett. Kim: Charnele Brown. Ron: Darryl Bell. Freddie: Cree Summer.

Episode 18

Kiss You Back

Thu, Feb 20, 1992 30 mins

Things are flying high with Byron, but Whitley desires to clear the air with Dwayne, and Ron wants to obtain somepoint off the ground with Kim (Charnele Brown). Byron: Joe Morton. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardiboy. Ron: Darryl Bell. Gennifer: Trina McGee-Davis. Brooke: Nikki Swasey. Mia: Tyron Patton.

Episode 19

Conflict of Interest

Thu, Feb 27, 1992 30 mins

The morning after for Whitley: Dwayne"s eating breakrapid and Byron"s at the door. Meanwhile, Charmaine and Lance scope out Hillmale. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Byron: Joe Morton. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardichild. Kim: Charnele Brvery own. Ron: Darryl Bell. Freddie: Cree Summer.

Episode 20


Thu, Mar 12, 1992 30 mins

Ron is intrigued by a schemer, who"s a woman after his own heart; Kim starts losing heart awaiting replies to her med-college applications. Mr. Schmect: Peter Jakid. Kim: Charnele Brown. Ron: Darryl Bell.

Episode 21

Do the Write Thing

Thu, Apr 2, 1992 30 mins

An essay about her father"s very fabled past can conserve Lena"s scholastic future. Lena: Jada Pinkett. Grover: Ron Canada. Mrs. Maude Mitchell: Anne Gee Byrd. Prof. Foster: Roscoe Lee Browne. Whitley: Jasmine Guy.

Episode 22

Love Taps

Thu, Apr 23, 1992 30 mins

Hillman"s hottest hip hopper (Edafe Okurume) is additionally a hothead, and he may be taking out his aggressions on Gina. Lisa: Debbi Morgan. Lena: Jada Pinkett. Freddie: Cree Summer. Terrence: Cory Tyler.

Episode 23

Special Delivery

Thu, May 7, 1992 30 mins

Jaleesa gets down to transferring the baby, and Byron"s opponent gets dvery own and also dirty in the campaign"s last days. Byron: Joe Morton. Sen. Hutchinson: Larry Linville. Amber: Cyndi James Gossett. Col. Taylor: Glynn Turmale.

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Episode 24

Save the Best for Last

Thu, May 14, 1992 30 mins

A visit from Dwayne threa10s to spread storm clouds over Whitley and also Byron"s nuptials. Part 1 of 2. Byron: Joe Morton. Marion: Diahann Carroll. Imogene: Barbara Montgomery. Courtney: Roxanne Beckford.

Episode 25

Save the Best for Last

Thu, May 21, 1992 30 mins

Conclusion. There"s little left for Whitley to perform yet to say "I do" to Byron (Joe Morton). Rev. Soams: Michael Warren. Marion: Diahann Carroll. Imogene: Barbara Montgomery. Courtney: Roxanne Beckford.