A spin-off of "The Cosby Show" finds Denise Huxtable on her very own at Hillmale College. Although Denise only continued to be at college for one year, several of her core of classmates stuck it out for the sitcom"s six-year run.

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Episode 1

Dr. War Is Hell

Thu, Oct 6, 1988 30 mins

Whitley battles a brand-new roommate (Charnele Brown), while Dwayne tries to prevent a math course taught by the infamous "Dr. War" (Glynn Turman). Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardikid. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis. Ron: Darryl Bell.

Episode 2

The Two Gentlemales of Hillman

Thu, Oct 13, 1988 30 mins

An experiment in cooperative effort backfires on Dwayne and Ron when they try to carry out a study paper together. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardison, Darryl Bell. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Freddie: Cree Summer.

Episode 3

Some Enchanted Late Afternoon

Thu, Oct 27, 1988 30 mins

Jaleesa (Dawnn Lewis) agrees to have dinner via the persistent Walter; Ron and Dwayne begin a wake-up contact company. Walter: Sinbad. Ron: Darryl Bell. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardiboy. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Kim: Charnele Brvery own.

Episode 4

Dream Lover

Thu, Nov 3, 1988 30 mins

A cockeyed Cupid appears in Whitley"s dreams, and also she awakes to uncover an unsupposed object of love---Dwayne (Kadeem Hardison). Freddie: Cree Summer. Kim: Charnele Brown. Lettie: Mary Alice. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis.

Episode 5

Three Girls Three

Thu, Nov 10, 1988 30 mins

Gladys Knight comes to Hillmale to perform a advantage concert, so Jaleesa and also Whitley set about creating a backup team by recruiting an opera singer in training. Angela: Sharon Brown. Freddie: Cree Summer.

Episode 6

If You Like Pilgrim Coladas

Thu, Nov 17, 1988 30 mins

Whitley and also a homesick Kim (Charnele Brown) decline Thanksoffering dinner at the Pit and also go off-campus via Kim"s fake ID to whoop it up. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis. Walter: Sinbad. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardichild.

Episode 7

Stepping Stone

Thu, Dec 1, 1988 30 mins

Whitley is kicked off the "stepping" team, and her photo of the school"s oldest graduate is ruined. Miss Pruitt: Leila Danette. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Kim: Charnele Brown. Freddie: Cree Summer. Walter: Sinnegative.

Episode 8

Life via Father

Thu, Dec 8, 1988 30 mins

Dwayne discovers the girl he"s fallen for is the daughter of "Dr. War" (Glynn Turman). Suzanne: Tracy Lee Harrison. Freddie: Cree Summer. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardison. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis.

Episode 9

All"s Fair

Thu, Dec 15, 1988 30 mins

Whitley thinks Kim"s been spending as well much time in their room---with her boyfriend; Freddie (Cree Summer) takes liberties with Meat Locker"s poem. Dr. Foster: Roscoe Lee Brvery own. Meat Locker: Jaime Cardriche.

Episode 10

Radio Free Hillman

Thu, Jan 5, 1989 30 mins

After Dwayne plays a controversial song on the campus radio terminal, the dean (Rosalind Cash) pulls the plug, prompting a student sit-in exterior her office. Mr. Gaines: Lou Myers. Randall: Maurice Davis. Lettie: Mary Alice.

Episode 11

It Happened One Night

Tue, Jan 12, 1988 30 mins

Kim thinks she"s pregnant, and everyone has ideas about handling the situation, consisting of her boyfriend Robert (Bryan Wesley Thomas), who says marriage. Walter: Sinnegative. Kim: Charnele Brvery own. Whitley: Jasmine Guy.

Episode 12

I"ve Got the Muse in Me

Thu, Jan 26, 1989 30 mins

Seeking artistic motivation, Freddie thinks she"s discovered her muse in a bottle of booze; and also Wchange schemes to impress Jaleesa. Mr. Gaines: Lou Myers. Freddie: Cree Summer. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis. Lettie: Mary Alice.

Episode 13

Risky Business

Thu, Feb 2, 1989 30 mins

While visiting Hillmale, Clair Huxtable fends off the advances of an alumnus (Robert Hooks), while Vanessa and a friend welcome the attention of Ron and also Dwayne. Kara: Elizabeth Narvaez. Clair: Phylicia Rashad actually.

Episode 14

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Thu, Feb 9, 1989 30 mins

It"s time for valentines, but Dwayne is picking up the pieces of his heart after breaking up with his girlfrifinish (Tracey Lee Harrison). Walter: Sinnegative. Mr. Gaines: Lou Myers. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardichild. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis.

Episode 15

For She"s Only in a Gilded Cage

Thu, Feb 23, 1989 30 mins

Whitley"s mother (Diahann Carroll) has it all wrong once she visits Hillguy through the intention of hooking Whitley up with Mr. Right. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardichild. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis. Walter: Sinnegative.

Episode 16

It"s Greek to Me

Thu, Mar 2, 1989 30 mins

Suffering with a fraternity hazing, Ron deserve to view just the future benefits of becoming a campus Greek, while Dwayne can"t watch any kind of excellent coming from acting like a geek. Sam: Phill Lewis. Chip: Don Reed.

Episode 17

The Thing About Women

Thu, Mar 9, 1989 30 mins

Jaleesa puts off a day via Wchange to watch her ex-husband also (Thomas Mikal Ford), and also Walter goes into a jealous funk. Dr. Abbott: Frank Jenkins. Col. Taylor: Glynn Turguy. Jaleesa: Dawnn Lewis. Walter: Sinpoor.

Episode 18

High Anxiety

Thu, Mar 16, 1989 30 mins

Kim fears her B average will speak her from ending up being a medical professional, yet in organizing herself to raise her grades, she"s hit by stress and anxiety via a resources A. Col. Taylor: Glynn Turman. Mr. Gaines: Lou Myers. Kim: Charnele Brvery own.

Episode 19

Take This Job and also Love It

Thu, Mar 23, 1989 30 mins

After Whitley wrecks Mr. Gaines" auto, Kim helps her get a job at the Pit to pay for the damages, and Whitley does a bang-up project, much to Kim"s chagrin. Mr. Gaines: Lou Myers. Whitley: Jasmine Guy. Kim: Charnele Brown.

Episode 20

No Means No

Thu, Mar 30, 1989 30 mins

Dwayne has actually factor to believe that Freddie"s dream date, a handsome baseround star, is a rapist. Garth: Taimak. Tammy: Gretchen Palmer. Freddie: Cree Summer. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardiboy. Walter: Sinpoor.

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Episode 21

Citizen Dwayne

Thu, Apr 27, 1989 30 mins

Rev. Jesse Jackkid visits Hillguy and also Ron hears opportunity knocking for Dwayne, who"s running a hopeless project for student-body president. Theressa: Khandi Alexander. Mr. Gaines: Lou Myers. Lettie: Mary Alice.

Episode 22

There"s No Place Like Home

Thu, May 4, 1989 30 mins

As the term ends, Dwayne and Ron collection their sights on an unseen apartment for next year; and Wchange tells Jaleesa he"d fairly not check out so a lot of her over the summer. Dwayne: Kadeem Hardikid, Ron: Darryl Bell. Walter: Sinnegative.