When conssoimg.orgering design for manufacture (DfM), designers should be able to integrate computers from the earliest stage of design. This requires knowledge and experience of the manufacturing processes available to ensure integration is efficient and effective. Through the integration of computers, the rate of production can be increased and errors in manufacturing can be reduced or eliminated, although the main advantage is the ability to create automated manufacturing processes.

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The integration of computer control into manufacturing can streamline systems, negating the need for time-consuming activities, such as stocktaking, but also reducing the size of the workforce.

A system of manufacturing that uses computers to integrate the processing of production, business and manufacturing in order to create more efficient production lines.Programmable computer based manufacturing system
Elements of CIM:Design (CAD) – the product is designed within the CAD software, tested and the necessary G-Code, materials, and other data is generated.Planning – the computer system and database (contains design and production data) helps to plan the most efficient production process.Purchasing – with the design and production the computer system can employ a JIT approach in purchasing the necessary materials.Cost accounting – is the budgeting of the production process, receipts, and all things financial.Inventory control – responsible for tracking the materials, products, again JIT can be employed.Distribution – is receiving materials and the distribution of products to warehouse or vendors.

It is costly to set upTherefore it is better suited for large scale production such as batch, volume or mass
Scale of ProductionAdvantageDisadvantage
One – off or small scale Costs are too to high to be used therefore not suitedNot suited for non-complex products
Batch, Volume or MassNicely suited for batch due to the high flexibility and automation of CIM systemsSuited for volume and mass due to the fully automated nature of CIMMonitoring of system at all timesGreat machine utilisationFewer errors and wasteImprovements in productivity and quality controlGreater consistencyCheaper productsParts easily manufactured and changedRandom introduction of partsLess lead timeLess laborHigher quality of finishHigh initial investment and personnel,Training costJob lossesLack of indivsoimg.orguality
Mass CustomisationMore choice,Can design in own requirementscheaper productsParts easily manufactured and changedRandom introduction of partsLess lead timeHigher quality of finishHigh initial investment and personnel,Training costJob losses

Advantages and disadvantages of CIM in relation to initial investment and maintenance


System is constantly monitored so if there is a breakdown: the type and location of breakdown is easily soimg.orgentified making maintenance easierreduces cost of maintenanceAfter the high initial greater profits will be achieved


high initial capital costs/investments due to computers, robots, training of personnelmaintenance is complex, requires highly skilled employees

Technology has a profound influence in design. How have other areas of knowledge been influenced by technology?

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1. Human Factors and Ergonomics2. Resource management and sustainable production3. Modelling4. Raw Material to Final Product5. Innovation and Design6. Classic Design7. User-centred design (UCD)8. Sustainability9. Innovation and Markets10. Commercial ProductionDesign ProjectProjectsDesign Studio/Workshop Practices
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