Apparently, 5-2nd Fix is acquiring harder to discover. (I offered to buy it at Walmart). Has anyone tried a various UV-cured glue that they would certainly recommend?


Can always do Amazon for a deal favor this.

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Other than that, all the UV activated adhesives or whatever are pretty a lot the exact same through bit variation. Walmart still sells the 5-2nd Fix on their website however most likely just swapped it out for an additional As Seen on TV item from the floor.

I choose Lazer Bond 3 second rapid repair ( bereason it has a level cap on the glue's constantly ready. I have actually been using 5 2nd Fix distributed by Ontel bereason that is what the Mrs. picked up at Bed, Bath and also Beyond for me twice. I have a Lazer Bond waiting its turn. Hope you discover what you require.

I like super glue via an activator these days, I use this stuff. Sets in a couple of secs and also you can use it on places you won't be able to obtain UV light to cure the resin.

I bought Lazer Bond off Amazon and love utilizing it. It was reasonably cheap, $6/2 pack, yet it took about a week to gain ceded because it's not consisted of via Prime.

I choose this thcheck out bc it is organic proof I'm not the only one that breaks these damn things

To the topic though I simply use super glue not sure of it's uv qualities but it functions well

The bottle it comes in is nice and also doesn't clog once dry, possibly they all look like that, not sure, fairly green to this

5-2nd Fix and Lazer Bond are UV-cured. So, you have the right to wipe it or whatever before prior to you apply the light, via no adverse affects.

Thanks for the comments. I didn't recognize Bed, Bath, and also Beyond marketed it. I actually picked up one tube each of 5-Second Fix and also Lazer Bond so I deserve to compare them.

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I'm presently working on the Colosseum, and also I've had to use some to the bottom of some of the 30 walls that go about it. (Similar to the Klingon Bird of Prey and Snowspeeder, the slots are so cshed that it's challenging to obtain the tabs nice and also tight, so the glue helps firm up the loose ones).


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