The principle of electric clippers has been roughly for a lengthy time. Leo J. Wahl developed the initially version of an electric hair clipper and also patented in 1921. They’ve been flourishing in sophistication and also popularity ever given that. This means that clippers have had actually a lot of time to adjust throughout their lifetime.

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Electric hair clippers work-related in the exact same way as manual ones (operated by a pair of handles which are alternately squeezed together and also released) yet are pushed by a magnetic, rotary or pivot motor which makes the knives oscillate from side to side.

Difference between Clippers and also Trimmers

When you want to cut down your much longer beard or just to edging the beard, the tool you select is very crucial. Clipper and also Trimmer are constructed for different purposes favor those, but both of them are very closely related. The two of the primary differences in between the Clipper and also Trimmer are tooth spacing and also tooth depth. Also, tbelow a couple of other things that Clipper and Trimmer acomponent from each various other.


Most Clippers come via adjustments and also used to recognize or “adjust” the length of the hair to be reduced. Its teeth are deep and also wide. Clipper is used for basic haircutting and also intfinished for mass hair cutting on larger areas, but does not reduced extremely close to the skin.

Due to the fact that of its main architecture and purpose, Clippers are typically supplied to prepare the hair or beard for the last cut and also for a smovarious other end up.


Unchoose clippers, trimmers are mainly designed to work on finer details of the hair or beard. Tright here are some trimmers that also come via attachments (for adjustments), yet a lot of of the moment attachments are left to hair clippers.

Teeth of the Trimmer are incredibly tiny, narrow and also designed to rerelocate all of the hair in a given location. It is offered for edging, outlining and light shaping on smaller locations such as the back of the neck, around the ears and also about sideburns, etc.

Clipper and also Trimmer having similarities like corded or cordless, both can have actually a rotary motor, a pivot motor or a magnetic motor. Blades and also their cutting capabilities are the primary distinctions of them.

what is zero gapping?

I will offer you an explanation about zero gapping through a timeless example. Let’s say that you are going to play the latest racing game.

When you first start the game, you are not going to get the Lamborghini. You are going to get a simple design and modify it via more components, progressively over the course of the game.

Then you can grow your vehicle to get to the suggest it’s as rapid for the Lamborghini or much faster than the Lamborghini.

Zero gapping is precisely the very same, as soon as you become comfortable via your clipper and also zero gap it which renders it at its complete potential at cutting.

Zero gap is the name offered to the cshed alignment of the overview blade via the cutting blade. That suggests the gap in between the teeth on the stationary edge and also relocating edge. 

Even though they execute not entirely touch, the gap in between the teeth of the chisels deserve to be as low as 0.2 MM. That’s why they provide completely close cutting/trimming with extremely little bit probcapacity of hair getting missed in between.


This is my Oster rapid feed clipper (corded) as soon as it’s fresh and not zero gapped.I’m going to zero gap it, alert the white blade is a little bit listed below the guide blade (non-moving blade).


This is exactly how zero gapped clipper looks favor. It always leaves a little gap in between the overview guard and also cutting blade. But you can’t also tell that the overview guard is a small little bit ahead than the white one. Remember that zero gap is not literal; you need to leave a tiny little higher at the height.

The greater the cutting blade is, the sharper the clipper is going to be. It is prefer a nitro of a car.

How to zero gap clippers?

Tright here are two techniques of zero gapping, which are the the majority of popular among barbers.

1. Manually by placing on a glass table (Old institution way)

I have offered to the old institution means, wbelow you loosen the screws and also push it versus a glass table, then slightly tilt back and retighten.

When you execute it that way, tbelow is that tendency for one blade to shift a little bit. When I acquired offered to this thing, I had my knives zero gapped in much less than 5 mints and also it edges my beard through crisp lines that don’t tear some skin away. Highly recommended approach for anyone that does it manually.

If you’re confident in your mechanic abilities and also have all the correct devices, it’s effortless to zero gap any kind of of your clippers by yourself.

2. Using a Blade Setter/ Zero Gapper Tool 

This “ON THE MONEY 10sec Blade Setter” tool is compatible through four various blade setters. It fits via the a lot of renowned Andis trimmers, including the Slimline Pro, GTX Pro, T Outliner & Outliner II Compatible, and also also through the Styliner II models.

Once you insert the knives inside the setter, press the sliding mechanism approximately align the chisels. Next, push the slider up a tiny more until the cutting blade sits on an angle, cupped inside the slider. Then push the lock to the left until it clicks. Tighten your blade screws and put them earlier on the trimmer.

This is one of the best purchases you have the right to make if you own Andis clippers. They perfectly align the knives. Also, look at this guide on youtube and it will aid you to perfect it.

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Nowadays, even more and also more expert barbers are searching for zero gapped clippers. Also, because of this large selection of clipper models, it’s difficult to narrow dvery own what are the a lot of famous cordmuch less zero gapped models are.

Many popular zero gapped clippers


New models are releasing constantly. However, tright here are a couple of repeatedly well-known models because of their performance and easiness for zero gapping. A few of these include: