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Popular Tags

What tags are popular on Instagram?

1 #love
1,465,415,390 posts
2 #love/
1,462,134,790 posts
895,266,239 posts
894,562,972 posts
607,554,128 posts
607,007,872 posts
602,053,713 posts
600,340,119 posts
539,464,528 posts
538,713,628 posts
11 #happy
483,379,104 posts
12 #happy/
482,574,644 posts
472,590,497 posts
14 #cute
472,417,552 posts
472,170,471 posts
16 #cute/
471,984,183 posts
17 #tbt
459,003,096 posts
18 #tbt/
458,864,308 posts
449,458,890 posts
448,482,976 posts
448,039,666 posts
447,707,265 posts
23 #art
438,405,527 posts
24 #art/
437,605,592 posts
25 #follow
433,721,740 posts
433,078,290 posts
27 #summer
385,951,847 posts
385,829,299 posts
29 #nature
378,830,992 posts
30 #me
376,097,049 posts

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